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Is Eliquis Safer Than Xarelto And Pradaxa If It Causes Fewer Dangerous Major Bleeding Events

Perhaps, But Neither Eliquis Nor Xarelto Have Any Specific Reversal Agent To Stop An Acute Bleed Once It Starts; Only Pradaxa Does (Posted by Tom Lamb at During the American Heart Association 2015 Scientific Sessions in Orlando,...
by Drug Injury Watch on Nov 10, 2015

Still No Approved Reversal Agents Or Antidotes For Eliquis, Savaysa, And Xarelto To Stop Acute Bleeding

None Available To Help Patients Who Undergo Emergency Surgery Or When There Is Life-Threatening Uncontrolled Bleeding (Posted by Tom Lamb at Eliquis, Savaysa, and Xarelto are touted for their ease of use as regards both patient a...
by Drug Injury Watch on Oct 2, 2015

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