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Privet Bonsai loses a trunk, seems happier

Finally back with a few things to share, I'll start with this Privet Bonsai that I've featured a few times over recent years as it's been a 'test' tree for many learning bonsai activities for me (learning how to transfer into a bonsai pot, pot fertil...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Jun 19, 2013

Another Privet Bonsai gets it's first pot

I have used privet to test my bonsai knowledge over the years, and although not the best tree/bush for presentation, it has many attributes that make it a good species for learners;  it grows like nuts (it's classified as a weed), roots like mad...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Jun 19, 2013

Smaller informal style Privet Bonsai - a bit dainty

This little tree has nice movement to my eye, and will heal quickly the sore from the cut I made to give it that 'curve' motion.  Another of my test subject privet bonsai that actually has some small potential. These pics being almos...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Jun 19, 2013

Privet Bonsai Spring Maintenance

Haven't had much time to work on bonsai, however this Privet deserved a visit from the scissors.  Going to clean up alot of the free growth, and partially defoliate to reduce leaf size to spur further back-branching and ramificati...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on May 14, 2011

Privet enters into a new future as Bonsai

This Privet soon-to-be-bonsai has been collected for about 14 months.   Right after collection I moved it into my garden in the ground, with a large flat brick underneath the root ball.   It's a single trunk, will be 'informal' style tree.
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Apr 10, 2011

Privet Double-Trunk Bonsai gets a little work

Here is a Privet that I've been training into bonsai for about 2 years now since collection.  A Privet with 2 trunks.  I've hollowed out both trunks to give the impression of natural damage/age.  Now it's time for some branch moving an...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Apr 10, 2011

A few shohin privet bonsai of mine

Just some things I'm toying with, that have helped me learn a few techniques.   Before and after shots.    Shohin Privet  - future bunjin shohin?  (Is there such a thing?  Does there 'have' to be for it 'to be'?)  ...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Feb 17, 2011

Privet Bonsai gets a haircut

This year I will be paying closer attention to this tree, giving it 1-2 defoliations and much pinching of new growth; This is a double trunk privet; Privet grows like mad and now it's time to get into the delicate work of it before it gets out o...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Feb 14, 2011

The drive didn't die

My bonsai drive didn't die, but a good number of my starter 'sticks' did!  We had a rough winter, with numerous snowfall events where we had snow on the ground for many days (freezing, remelting, freezing - terrible for any potted plant, even wo...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on May 1, 2010

Shohin Privet #1

Shohin Privet Bonsai #1The DigSo, I got an itch this AM while my 2 girls were spending time at their cousin's, to go yamadori collecting (that is, to collect a tree or plant from nature). Not as difficult for me as for some, and I'm not 'too' hard to...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Aug 9, 2009

Shohin Privet #1 - Patience is a Virtue?

Virtues of Patience - and StylingBefore Wiring We will see if loss of patience wins out over early styling - or if it even matters towards the final stages of this trees creation. I had such a great vision for this tree that I went ahead and put some...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Aug 9, 2009

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