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The Truth about Acne

It’s really frustrating if you see a pimple on your face when you wake up in the morning. You feel uncomfortable because your colleagues and friends might notice it and tease you. Sometimes you feel worried on the acne breakouts!  Acne is real...
by Pinoy Manila on Feb 3, 2016

Alex Gonzaga is Proactiv's New Endorser

TV host and actress Alex Gonzaga is the newest celebrity endorser of Proactiv.Proactiv Philippines tapped Alex to be its first Filipino endorser because they believe she is the perfect Filipina who embodies the brand. She is young, charming and most...
by Blog Manila on Oct 31, 2015

Proactiv Solution 3-Step System- The Superior Anti Acne

How you prevent acne breakouts and blemishes? Are you using pimple-fighter solutions or trying home remedies for acne? What ever your choice, you need to make sure it’s safe and effective. Your skin is the important part of your body so you nee...
by Pinoy Manila on Nov 1, 2014

Ane Sufferers – There is Hope for You

Life is tough enough while not having to deal with pimples and spots on a daily basis. Sadly a good 3 fourths of us are still encumbered by this common skin affliction. The day may start with you sliding out of bed, and shuffling to the bathroom. As...
by beauty and health tips on Sep 30, 2011

For mild acne it could be worth trying some simple homemade treatments or Proactiv Solution for acne when looking into alternative acnetreatments. In cases of serious acne the information of a doctor or dermatologist should be sought but even then, w...
by anti ageing skin care on Sep 19, 2011

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