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Easy to Make Stretchy Bracelet with Czech Glass Beads

Using Czech Glass Beads, Glass Pearls and Powercord you can easily create a Stretchy Bracelet.  Using a 12 inch length of Powercord.  The secret to keeping it together longer is to stretch out the Powercord before using.  Add some baby...
by Craft drawer on Sep 11, 2015

Turn your arm into a keyboard with Google Minuums and Glass

The Google Glass is all a reality, and every time we are surprised with the many more things we can do with them,… more » The post Turn your arm into a keyboard with Google Minuums and Glass appeared first on 24reviews.
by 24Reviews on Jun 8, 2014

Google está trabajando en un smartphone con sensores 3D

La gente de departamento de innovación de Google, más conocido como ATAP -Advance Techonology and Projects- se encuentra desarrollando un smartphone que posee sensores 3D y te brindará la posibilidad de interactuar con todo lo que te rodea. Ni sen...
by SoftwareLogia on Feb 21, 2014

Current ProjectMy current jewelry project using 3 hole Swarovski...

Current ProjectMy current jewelry project using 3 hole Swarovski spacers and glass pearl beads. [su_frame][/su_fra…View Post...
by AMLC: All My Love Crafts on Jan 3, 2014

Augmented Reality: The Social Implications

There is no doubt that augmented reality is slowly making its way into our daily lives. It is already a global industry worth billions of pounds (mobile AR will be worth $5.8 billion by 2017 according to a Juniper Research report) and with big player...
by Augmented Tomorrow on Jul 10, 2013

Christmas Lights and Glass Block Night Light

Christmas Lights and Glass Block Night LightEasy Night Light Project with Christmas Lights and Glass Block Nearly any room can benefit from a pretty night light. But finding one that actually adds to the décor of the space is not always easy. In...
by The Things Women Want on Jun 11, 2013

Updated: Google Glass: what you need to know

When Google Glass was unveiled, the tech world instantly fell into two camps. Camp one was excited: we're living in the sci-fi future! Camp two, though, wasn't so happy. It's vapourware! some said, while others worried that Google just wanted to plas...
by Cnet Analysis on Apr 10, 2013

Google Project Glass Will Finally be Made in USA

Google Project Glass was introduced by Google in last year.Being one of the unique Project by Google many eyes were still waiting for it,although Google had introduced it in their head quarter in California . But still he decided to manufacture it on...
by technotrait on Mar 28, 2013

I’ll Have My Life Augmented, Please

For the last 40 years, the media has promised us a life assisted by computers. I long for the Star Trek days where the computer patiently awaits my every command and, when I need something, it’s just available. Well, folks, I think we’re almost t...
by CBD inTouch on Mar 5, 2013

Google Glass, a new reality

There is a lot of buzz in the last couple of days around Google’s hottest project, Google Glass and quite justifiably. It all looks out of this world and more like a sci-fi scenario. Google is already in the works with eyeglass designers to get...
by Web and Other on Feb 22, 2013

Google Project Glass Video Revealed: What You Can Do With It

The new released Google Project Glass video is showing us what it will be like to use and wear their new and amazing gadget. These internet connected eyeglasses offer features similar to a powerful smartphone like taking pictures, answering and maki...
by GIZMORATI on Feb 20, 2013

Proyección láser para controlar Project Glass

Google ha solicitado la patente de un sistema de proyección láser que permitira controlar el Project Glass.  La imagen es bastante clara, en ella se puede ver como un teclado numerico es proyectado sobre la mano para su posterior control.
by kaeltas blog on Jan 17, 2013

CES 2013: Novos óculos Smart Glass com lentes inteligentes

O Vuzix M100 é um dos produtos mais esperados na CES 2013, nomeado como Smart Glass, semelhante ao Project Glass do Google, mas com um design e funções inferiores. O Smart Glass é como um dispositivo eletrônico que roda o sistema operacional And...
by Unders Tech on Jan 12, 2013

The Best gadgets to be launched in 2013

The year 2013 is certainly going to be a big year for the different gadgets. You will find a number of gadgets to be brought out by different brands before the gadget freaks. A wide range of technological innovations are expected the year 2013, hence...
by GeekAdviser on Jan 10, 2013

Microsoft made a kind of Augmented Reality Glasses Google Project Glass?

Glass is a technology Google Project glasses in which there is the advanced computing technology that can display the data information can be seen by the wearer where the concept is already displayed in futuristic movies.Now, we have the information...
by on Nov 23, 2012

Wearable Cameras, Life Blogging, Smart Cameras and Wireless Power – The Future of Imaging

I have been part of the imaging industry since 1999 and since then I have seen some radical changes. Most of the changes have occurred in the last couple of years with the major collapse of one of the biggest imaging companies – Kodak. Soci...
by Leigh Diprose on Nov 12, 2012

The Future is Clear - Less Is Most Definitely More

Less Is Most Definitely More.
by friday coming soon on Aug 13, 2012

[Brevetto Apple] La società di Cupertino lavora ad una tecnologia simile a quella del “Project Glass” di Google giornata di oggi, Apple ha depositato al US Patent & Trademark Office un nuovo e interessante brevetto il quale mostra che Apple sta lavorando ad una tecnologia...
by AppleZein on Jul 27, 2012

Apple files patent for Google Glass competitor

"Anything you can do, I can do better" seems to be the mantra for the tech industry lately, though in reality that's always been the case. Still, it's hard to see Apple's recent patent filing for a "heads-up display" comprising a single lens fitted o...
by Cnet Analysis on Jul 27, 2012

Google initializeaza un proiect extraordinar numit "Project Glass"

 Google vine cu o noua inovatie  Marele gigant Google a facut public faptul ca lucreaza la o noua tehnologie, un proiect numit "Project Glass",  menit sa aduca imbunatatiri ...
by Noutati In Timp Real on Jul 21, 2012

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