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Pronghorn Pumpkin Beer Chili

“I am the kind of person who really will drive hours for a bowl of chili. I’m not a three-star restaurant kind of a person; I’m just a food person.” ~ Nora Ephron Yesterday while driving around on the mountain in search of de...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Sep 6, 2016

Carne Asada Pronghorn!

“My favorite memories growing up in North Carolina were hunting and fishing with my father and brothers. There, I developed a deep appreciation for protecting land and waterways. There, I learned outdoorsmanship.” ~ Louis Bacon When trans...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Jul 16, 2016

Pronghorn Wellington: Fancy Smancy!

“Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change.” ~ John Walters There is a restaurant here that serves American Waygu Beef, considered the “butter knife beef” because it is so tender and moist that in t...
by A 12 Gauge Girl on Mar 14, 2016

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