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Babe Ruth World Series 2016 Update

Furey, who usually catches, will graduate from high school in 2020. He's already 5'11, 180, so bears watching as a keeper league prospect. We recommend keeping tabs on him as he moves into high school.
by RotoRob on Aug 17, 2016

How to Create B2B Buyer Profiles

B2B Solutions Blog - Tips & Ideas About Solving B2B Industry Problems B2B Buyer Profiles vs. Personas B2B buyer profiles are a trustworthy, verified methodology that enables you to identify your ideal B2B buyers. This is the first principle you...
by B2B Solutions Blog on Aug 9, 2016

Free Josh Bell

Are John Jaso and his dreads really going to block Josh Bell for leaving his mark? ( Why the hell is Pittsburgh Pirates first base prospect Josh Bell still toiling away at Triple-A? The Pirates are playing better lately, but losing g...
by RotoRob on Jul 29, 2016

2016 MLB Draft Recap

It's been almost two weeks since the 2016 MLB Draft, so we figured it was high time we got off our ass and offered up a recap of the first round and what some of the Fantasy prospects are of the players taken among those first 23 picks.
by RotoRob on Jun 21, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part VII

Glasnow, a towering righty the Pirates nabbed in the fifth round in 2011, has surged into our top 10 this year after proving he can win at Double-A and then posting an even better ERA after a promotion to Triple-A in 2015. He's only been taken yard 2...
by RotoRob on Jun 6, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part VI

Meadows also made a nice move up the rankings this year after enjoying a speed breakout at High-A and then averaging nearly a run per game in a brief trial at Double-A. He's a .304 career hitter through nearly 1,000 minor league at-bats and has untap...
by RotoRob on May 27, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part V

Another newcomer this year, Snell thrust his way into the Fantasy consciousness after last year he went undefeated at High-A, proved unhittable at Double-A and then put together an even better WHIP at Triple-A. All told, he won a whopping 15 games la...
by RotoRob on May 16, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part IV

Another newcomer to the list this year, Frazier was Cleveland's top pick in 2013 and after improving his contact rates and flashing more speed than ever at High-A last year, he's landed firmly on the prospect list. He has power, speed, can hit for a...
by RotoRob on Apr 29, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part III

After putting up a spectacular record between Double-A and Triple-A (with a combined sub-3.00 ERA) and again staying healthy, Blair has surged into our Top 50. This big dude has the look of a future workhorse all over him, and with his fine fastball...
by RotoRob on Apr 26, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part II

Bundy slipped dramatically in this year's rankings as 2015 was yet another season in which he barely pitched -- and didn't even win a single game. He earned a job as a reliever with the Orioles out of spring this season, but has barely pitched early...
by RotoRob on Apr 16, 2016

2016 RotoRob Top 75 MLB Prospects, Part I

Ortiz is the fifth and final (or first, considering we're counting down) Ranger on our Top 75 and the team's top pick (30th overall) in 2014. He looked phenomenal at Class-A last year, but elbow woes limited him to 50 innings. Ortiz has been bumped u...
by RotoRob on Apr 13, 2016

Small-School WR Impresses at NFL Regional Combine

If you didn’t think it’d be possible for a guy to attract a lot of attention at one of the NFL’s Regional Combines––a new-ish tradition around the league––you’d be dead wrong. Small-school WR Wendall Williams (Universi...
by All-Out Blitz on Mar 5, 2016

How To Generating an Endless Stream of Traffic back to Your Site

February 22, 2016 Who knows your site better than anyone else, but you! Would you fully agree with this logical statement? If so how do we create this stream of new visitors to review our... This blog has a lot of information regarding social media...
by JFBMarketing at APSense on Feb 22, 2016

5 Startling Reasons to Respect Not Dissect Sales Prospects

Do you practice the “golden rule” of sales prospecting for a better Web? Start respecting sales prospects as you would like them to respect you. It may come as a shock to many marketers, but business people do not go to the Web wanting to...
by B2B Solutions Blog on Sep 30, 2015

Tigers Move David Price But Why

It always amazes me how teams GM's are quick to pull the trigger when u are struggling.  The reality of the Tigers is they were not that far out from a wild card spot.  Trading away David Price for some prospects is not something that makes...
by Baseball Blogging Network on Jul 30, 2015

Tottenham Season Prospects

Tottenham was having an inconsistent season last year even though they finished fifth in the league. They missed their spot at Champions league 2015 by whisker, the manager and club authorities are looking forward for a much better season this y...
by Fantasy Premier League Tips on Jul 27, 2015

Cheap and Must Have Forwards For FPL 2015

It is always difficult have a wonder team with star players on it. In Fantasy Premier League, you have to build your own wonder team with a primitive budget. In order to have a good and working team, you have to do some brain work. Fantasy Premier Le...
by Fantasy Premier League Tips on Jul 24, 2015

Manchester United Season Prospects - Fantasy Premier League Tips

2014/15 season was one of the rocky season for Man United till date, they have opened the season with only 3 wins out of 10 games played. Man United is one of the top tier teams of Barclays Premier League and they are expected to perform well. In thi...
by Fantasy Premier League Tips on Jul 22, 2015

Manchester City Barclay's Fantasy Premier League Prospects

Today in here we will be dealing with the season prospects for men in blue from the city of Manchester, yes we are talking about Manchester City. Manchester City had a poor season last year, they were trophyless. City managed to finish English premie...
by Fantasy Premier League Tips on Jul 17, 2015

Jobs Hunting 101: The Path of Living the Dream

Fast forward to today's society, with the vast competition from the hordes of university graduates coming from all over the world to secure a job in Singapore & looking for greener pastures upon our shores, long gone were the hay days of easy not...
by Fashrealm on Jun 2, 2015

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