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Shackling Our Own Freedoms

Pratap Antony is a man who walks the talk. I had previously written about his defence of a stray dog and a neem tree.In this powerful article in CounterCurrents, he calls on each of us to unshackle ourselves from Learned Helplessness, Willful Blindne...
by Tilling the Earthwoman on Oct 13, 2015

Who is a public intellectual?

"The intellectual’s job is to think past the culture: to question the myths, metaphors, and assumptions that limit our collective imagination. The founder of the breed was Socrates. As Kazin also said, an intellectual is someone for whom ideas ar...
by Intrepid writer on Dec 19, 2012

fran lebowitz Can Be Fun For Everyone

Oh No They Didnt ONTD is the premier online community for breaking celebrity gossip. Fran Lebowitz is a motormouth so all you really have to do is pre...The article fran lebowitz Can Be Fun For Everyone take from: US Today Trends Echoing this news on...
by US Today Trends on Nov 23, 2010

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