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O2 SIMs will switch to public WiFi if its network can't cope

O2's public WiFi hotspots can be useful in a pinch, but filling out the obligatory registration forms to gain access has always been a pain. To speed up the process, the network is introducing O2 WiFi Extra, a service which automatically connects cus...
by engadget on Apr 2, 2015

Microsoft technology gives Seattle 5,000 times faster public WiFi

Techie culture-vultures aren't likely to encounter Vine upload fails anymore at Seattle's home to arts, culture and the Space Needle thanks to Microsoft. The city's biggest patron has installed a new WiFi service at the Seattle Center that uses new t...
by engadget on Mar 31, 2015

Cuba approves its first free public WiFi

Public internet access in Cuba usually comes at a steep price -- a local may have to use a week's wages just to spend an hour emailing their family overseas. However, they now have a much, much more reasonable option. The country's state-run telecom,...
by engadget on Mar 15, 2015

The latest version of Android could keep your data safe on public WiFi

Android 5.1 has been available to Nexus devices for a little while now, and it looks like one of its neatest features - sorry HD Voice and Device Protection - isn't quite ready for public consumption yet. Thanks to a little bit of sleuthing by Pocket...
by engadget on Mar 13, 2015

Cuba rolls out public WiFi internet access, at a steep cost

It's not too hard for Cubans to get WiFi connections if they swing by hotels and offices with less-than-secure hotspots, but they're technically breaking the law -- unless you're in a privileged job, you're supposed to plug in or use a terminal. Howe...
by engadget on Jan 12, 2015

Free WIFI Internet Enabled in Hyderabad

Free WIFI Internet Enabled in Hyderabad: Free Zone WiFi Free In all locations of Hyderabad city all the areas will be connect wifi for android, iphone, windows and smartphone mobile. This facility use for also computers and laptops also Hyderabad roo...
by TMK News on Aug 16, 2014

No WiFi at your Favorite Restaurant… Too bad!

At the few restaurants that I’ve worked for, people always come and ask for the password for the WiFi. The answer from the manager is always the same, “we don’t offer public wifi.” At first, it was really hard to understand wh...
by Back Bite Fuss on Jul 7, 2010

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