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Jack White’s Third Man to Publish Standing Rock Students’ Work

Jack White’s Third Man Records and Third Man Books have announced a new collaborative project with the Defenders of the Water School in Standing Rock that will both publish activist students’ work as well as raise funds for the North Dako...
by Celebrity gossip news on Dec 3, 2016

Greenbelt and me and that book of mine

Today is the official start of a festival known very much to a those of a certain Christian ilk. It’s been running over 40 years around various parts of England, sometimes in the grounds of stately homes, sometimes on a … Continue reading...
by Elspeth R on Aug 26, 2016

DIY Coffee Table - Gold & White

In my living room, coffee tables has been changing several times in a last few years. First it was this one, then this one...  Seems like they couldn`t settle down in the space... It`s not a large room, so I always thought that we need...
by Home Chic Club on Aug 25, 2016

Affordable and Chic Home Office In 5 Easy Steps

sourceFirst, I have something I want to share with you. I`ve been drooling over beautiful home offices and dreaming about my little corner for quite some time and keep the ideas on Pinterest. I know that sounds like a stupid little dream. It is!
by Home Chic Club on Aug 22, 2016

A Product Review - TwinkleDeals

Today I`m sharing with you my review on some products a received from TwinkleDeals. This online company have a large selection of products like jewelry, watches, bags, accessories, shoes, beauty, clothes etc. They contacted me a few weeks a...
by Home Chic Club on Aug 15, 2016

Shabby French Door Signs for Cocotte Bistro

Summer in the city does not have to be that bad. Yes, we dream of long, sandy beaches, turquoise sea and cold cocktails, but if you live here or just visiting Belgrade, make sure to stop by and check our new and lovely french bistro Cocotte...
by Home Chic Club on Aug 2, 2016

Newsletter Or Publishing One For Your Site

It can show your expertise and knowledge about the topic at hand and the many benefits you can offer them. When you impress people, they will become potential customers. And another great thing is that they can recommend you to their friends, colleag...
by TotalMarketingSystem on Jul 30, 2016

Why I chose to self publish

I feel a little defensive – or that I at least need to explain. And some of me is cross about that, and that I have spent longer in awards entry covering letters and in interviews on why I’m self … Continue reading →...
by Elspeth R on Jul 26, 2016

Lil Wayne Will Now Release His “Gone Till November” Book Through Plume In October

Lil Wayne was set to release a book titled “Gone Till November: A Journal of Rikers Island” through Grand Central Publishing back in 2013 about his time locked up behind bars in 2010. There hasn’t been many updates about the memoir...
by Lil Wayne on Jul 4, 2016

Admit Card – UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2016

The Union Publish Service Commission (UPSC) has released the IAS Prelims 2016 admit card on its website. The IAS prelims examination is scheduled to take place on August7,2016 and main examination on December 03,2016.   Steps to Download the IAS...
by Mera Wala Job on Jul 2, 2016

How to Publish Your Own iBook Guidebooks

How to Publish Your Own iBook Guidebooks – Actually, everyone can do what is in demand and with no obstacles. Guidebook for those who feel confused how to publish their own iBook. With this book you..
by Best Novel Review on Jun 27, 2016

What’s Wrong with #Selfpublishing ?

Three years ago I wrote what I consider my most important post; and, that’s most important out of 1,400-some posts…  It’s called, What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies? One of the main points in the...
by Notes from An Alien on Mar 30, 2016

Finding the Right Kind of Espresso in Paris

Actually the kind of espresso I’m talking about can also be found in Sacramento, California. Or, New York City or Darien, Connecticut or many other places… This espresso won’t make you jittery or power an all-night reading session.
by Notes from An Alien on Mar 25, 2016

I now publish on Yummly. Take a look>

I hope your year is off to a great start. Mine is, I have become a Yummly publisher So why have I suddenly decided to become a Yummly publisher. And what is that anyway ? I wonder if you have seen the orange YUM button on the top of my posts?.  yep...
by My Kitchen Stories on Jan 9, 2016

Step by step directions for writing next piece of content

The post Step by step directions for writing next piece of content appeared first on Publishing Addict.
by 2PEP on Dec 3, 2015

BEBO – Book Issue CD/DVD Store Publish Library WP (WooCommerce)

by AreYouPop on Nov 1, 2015

Dear Internet: Nobody’s going to put Ecstasy in your kids’ candy

Okay, Internet. We have to talk. Again. You must knock it right the fuck off with your timely and earnest warnings to “moms and dads” to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for Ecstasy pills that “look like candy” and may be put into their kids’ trick-or...
by renegade mothering on Oct 23, 2015

BEBO – Book + Author Landing Page (Marketing)

by AreYouPop on Oct 19, 2015

Breaking: Crazy human somehow loses weight, shares secret

You know I don’t give advice, but there’s this one area of life I have so mastered so fully (SARCASM MOTHERFUCKERS) I feel it would be a disservice to humanity to not share. And that area is: LOSING WEIGHT. Look, I don’t want to discuss feminis...
by renegade mothering on Oct 14, 2015

9 Reasons You Should Self-Publish (even if you don’t think you’re a writer…)

This post appears first among the 31 articles I’ve published about what I like to call the Publishing-Aid Company, Fastpencil.  There are way more than 9 reasons to use Fastpencil in this particular post but I really like the number 9 and mos...
by Notes from An Alien on Aug 28, 2015

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