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Pumi Breeders California

Pumi breeders california – pumi is a breed of Sheepdog for herd, of medium size and terrier type originating in Hungary. It has an excellent smell and is a good exterminator of vermin and rodents. It is considered (along with Komodo, Kvass and...
by on Dec 20, 2016

About the Pumi Poodle Mix

Pumi poodle mix – pomeranian Care A cross between a Poodle and a Pomeranian results in a Pumi that is not recognized by any breed register as a pure breed. On the other hand, anyone who sees this little hybrid puppy designer recognizes that it...
by on Dec 18, 2016

What is a Pumi Dog ?

What is a pumi dog ? – the pumi is a small to medium sized sheepdog, robust, strong and resistant, square construction, deep chest, with slightly flat ribs, and good bones. It borrows some characteristics of the terriers, from which it partly d...
by on Dec 17, 2016

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