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Magelang BC Cup: LB Arnold quattrick, cucak ijo Punk Rock hattrick, cendet Samohong nyeri

  Tiga burung tampil menawan dalam lomba burung berkicau Magelang BC Cup yang berlangsung meriah di halaman RSJ Kota Magelang, Minggu (31/7). Lovebird Arnold menjuarai empat kelas (quattrick), cucak ijo Punk Rock tiga kali juara 1 (hattrick), da...

Massive Metal Monday: Motochrist “I Don’t Ride Bitch”

Los Angeles punk metal stalwarts Motochrist are back with their fourth studio album Chrome. An underground supergroup of sorts, Motochrist consists of current and former members of The Dwarves, Junkyard, The Throbs, Humble Gods, NY Loose, Faster Puss...
by Geeks of Doom on May 23, 2016

Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge Reveal

Today is the day!! It’s time to share my Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge Reveal here on the blog and now live on One Kings Lane!! For this challenge, I was asked to makeover a room with the Taylor Burke Home London Tufted Ottoman and piece...
by Bliss at Home on Feb 12, 2016

10 Sisi Positif atau Fakta Istimewa Di Balik Punk

10 Kebaikan atau Sisi Positif Dari Anak Punk Punk?  Saya yakin ketika mendengar kata ini, kebanyakan orang  akan langsung memunculkan berbagai anggapan. Dan yang pasti, anggapan yang menjurus ke arah negatif akan lebih banyak. Di manapun itu, khusu...
by RoseDiana Diary on Feb 1, 2016

Barcelona follies.

After spending a week and Rome we crossed over to Barcelona for the New Year. Our visits to Barcelona have been anthologized quite extensively on Camels and Tacos. We aren't breaking much ground here other than bringing Ana's parents along and checki...
by Camels and Tacos on Jan 13, 2016

10 Band Punk Rock Paling Keren Terbaik Sepanjang Masa

10 Band Punk Rock Paling Keren Terbaik Sepanjang Masa Kamu penggemar musik rock? Karena musik tersebut memiliki banyak sub-genre lain, aliran mana yang lebih sesuai dengan style kamu? Aliran musik dari jenis rock sudah menjalar sejak akhir tahun 60-a...
by on Oct 23, 2015

Trendy Punk Hairstyles

Trendy Punk Hairstyles – Confrontational and rebellious are adjectives that apply not only to punk music, but also to trendy punk hairstyles. Like the music, hairstyles that fall into the punk vein are all about individuality and a nonconformis...

Romi and The Jahats

Biografi :Kepada yang terhormat medan pendengar, pemerhati pelaku dan penyimak pergulatan yang kacau hingga tanpa orientasi bahkan buram, kepada yang perlu atau tidak perlu, kepada semua yang membantu menitah jalan.Juni adalah pengharapan yang dilahi...
by Music Zone on Aug 17, 2015

The Vermicious Knid - Days That Stand Still

1. Every Bear's Life Guide2. Belly Grasp3. No-Life Crisis4. Finding Seventeen Hands5. Streets And Headlights6. Breathing PatternThe Vermicious Knid are a band that have really managed to make something with this Emo scene and pull forward with it. Th...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 23, 2015

The Vegas Wake Up - A Long Standing Grudge

1. The Little Things2. Calculated And Anticipated3. The Suburban Rules (What Dreams Taste Like)4. Little Bird5. Today In Slow Motion6. Fix Me7. The Prototypical Overthinker8. Worst Case Ontario9. Wither Away10. A Little Ego Death Never Hurt No One11.
by Ontario Rock on Jul 21, 2015

Sum 41 Partners With Pledge Music On New Release

Canadian punk-rock band, Sum 41, have joined forces with PledgeMusic to release their new album direct to their fans and provide them with a unique music retail experience.Over the course of the next few months Sum 41 will pre-sell their album to the...
by The Rock and Roll Guru on Jul 19, 2015

July - What We Signed Up For

1. Intro2. What We Signed Up For3. West Coast Pimpin'4. Right Here For You5. Secret Is A Sleazy Word6. Dance, Shuffle, Move Your Feet7. Counting Ducks8. Eight Nine Eight9. Second Best10. To All The Kids11. CollapseJuly's debut album is one that peopl...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 8, 2015

Sinclaire - Sinclaire

1. TV Nothing2. Tin3.Hello4. Wind5. TheorySinclaire's debut album has the sort of feel that you'd expect a punk band from the late 90's to have. They have that punk, kinda emo sound that would closely be compared to the band Grade. For a debut album,...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 4, 2015

Friday Night Out: Events for Tonight!

At last - it’s Friday! It’s the start of that weekend freedom! And it’s time for that last minute planning of a night out with friends. Tonight is all about music, art and shopping. We felt this would come in […]...
by Everything Cebu on Jul 2, 2015

The Fullblast - Contagious Movement Theory

1. All I Need Is A Jetpack And Rollerskates2. You Came Out And You Were Wearing A Hoodie3. Why Does Banana Get Shotgun?4. Jerk Circus Is For Jerks5. Lee Majors, Now There's A Man In His Prime6. No One says Anything Funny Anymore7. Dial B For Brown8.
by Ontario Rock on Jun 29, 2015

Jersey - Generation Genocide

1. This Town2. Generation Genocide3. Story Of '534. Shop Floor5. Crossfire6. One Way Street7. Violation Detonation8. Lessons9. Interlude10. Saturday Night11. Richmond Resurrection12. Old Bones And Dirty Coffins13. Hourglass14. City StreetsJersey's ma...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 13, 2015

Angry Agency - The End Of An Era

1. A Pyramid Scam Called Democracy2. Speaker3. North American Greed4. Spaghetti5. Another Out Of Love Song6. The Urban Minefield7. Twenteen8. Trouble9. Life I Wanted10. True to You11. Medicated YouthAngry Agency are a band that likes their music fast...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 10, 2015

Cheap Date - Tiny Voices

1. Superheroes Have Bad Days Too2. Panic Attack3. Self Medicated4. Later DaysCheap Date's album "Tiny Voices" is 4 tracks of new pop punk music that just seem to have something different about them. Looking at the songs, two of them are reworked from...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 5, 2015

Awake & Dreaming - It's Always Midnight In Sin City

1. The Accident2. Plastic Promises3. All In4. Miss Miserable5. Touch6. Riding The Brakes7. The Common Cold Shoulder8. The Accident Pt. II: The Aftermath9. My Life Is The Song...My Pulse Is The Beat10. Another Red-Letter Day11. Escape12. The Starving...
by Ontario Rock on May 28, 2015

Hunter - 4

1. Channel Hopping2. Punch In, Punch, Out3. Self Pity Is A Waste Of Time4. SnoozeHunter have released their debut album titled "4." This album is of the first four songs the band made. This band features Rat Beard, the drummer from Alexisonfire and m...
by Ontario Rock on May 25, 2015

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