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Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

Python Program to Check Armstrong Number is one of the basic program in learning python programming language. The property of Armstrong number is, if the sum of the cubes of the digits of number is same as the given original … Continue reading...
by letus program on Jun 7, 2015

Python Program to Find Factors of Numbers

I’m writing this post after a longggg gap of about 9th months. Today, we shall learn how to write a python program to find factors of given number. For this, we need to take  a number as input to the program. The input() function is used to ge...
by letus program on Jan 3, 2015

Python program to generate Multiplication table

In this tutorial we shall learn about generating multiplication tables.For this program we are taking twoo integer values as input’s.One for which table to be printed and the other for limiting the table….For generating the table we need...
by letus program on Apr 19, 2014

Prime number program in Python

In this post we shall learn about finding prime number program in python.If a number is only divisible by 1 and itself then that number is called as prime number.Otherwise it is not a prime number. The following program is for finding prime number Ou...
by letus program on Mar 22, 2014

Sum of digits of a number in Python

This gone be our second program in Python.We shall learn to write program to print the sum of digits of a given number.We have already seen the same program in C,C++,Java.Today we shall do the same in python. We all know the main concept involved in...
by letus program on Feb 23, 2014

Hello World in python

Today we are going to start learning new programming language Python.In recent time it gained popularity because of it’s simplicity and we can complete our program with in fewer lines of code.It is both interpreter and complied. It is developed...
by letus program on Feb 17, 2014

Python: The Programming Language Of Beginners

It is an inevitable moment for every aspiring programmer that he should learn a programming language the moment he masters the basics of logic formulation. The ultimate expression of one’s logical thoughts is by putting them on code, an act of tran...
by TechSling on Jan 25, 2013

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