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Object Oriented programming in python – Classes

Object Oriented programming or OOP’s concept in python is same as in any other language. Python is an object oriented language. The very same concept of classes and it’s objects as in Java can be implemented in Python. Let us … Cont...
by letus program on Jul 26, 2015

Python Functions

Python Functions Functions plays an important role in simplifying the execution of a program. We can easily divide the work into different parts using functions. Main function will be in charge of calling each and every other function in the …...
by letus program on Jun 3, 2015

Hello World in python

Today we are going to start learning new programming language Python.In recent time it gained popularity because of it’s simplicity and we can complete our program with in fewer lines of code.It is both interpreter and complied. It is developed...
by letus program on Feb 17, 2014

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