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After The Breakup - Is My Ex Happy?

Letting go and moving on is all in the mind.If I said no, would that make you happy?If I said yes, would that hurt you?This is one of the few questions I refuse to answer as a professional Tarot reader, because I don't feel that answering it would be...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Jul 16, 2016

How Does He Feel About Me?

Over the years I have tackled all sorts of questions as a Tarot reader, and I don't rephrase any of them.How does he feel about me? is one of those that keeps coming up.This question is asked for a number of reasons, including:1. You've just met...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on May 22, 2015

Embracing Uncertainty

Anything is possible.Always.Even at times when you think nothing is happening, change is on its way.My life is changing.Just a few months ago back in November, I thought that despite some unsettling events, my path ahead was clear.But then a chance e...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Jan 12, 2015

Just One Little Thing That Can Change Your Life Forever

Tarot of Quotes"One new perception,one fresh thought,one act of surrender, one change of heart,one leap of faith can change your life forever."Robert HoldenJust one thing.A phone call. A chance meeting. A rejection. A random...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Sep 4, 2014

The Six Human Needs

I recently came across Tony Robbins' website, an American life coach and self-proclaimed "catalyst for change and strategist for success". Amongst plenty of useful information and resources, his post about the six human needs on his blog caught...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Jun 26, 2014

The Other Woman

Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck(c) St. Martin's Press 2002For most people, having a relationship with a married person isn't a choice but an unfortunate accident.They fall in love with someone, who hasn't been truthful about their legal status at first, b...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Apr 19, 2014

Will He Come Back To Me?

Don't hang about when he's gone,you've got better things to do.Housewives Tarot (c) Paul Kepple & Jude BuffumOkay, girlfriend, so he dumped you, and you're devastated. You're in a bit of a shock and wonder, if this has really happened.Surely, he...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Mar 16, 2014

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