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My Personal DIY Anthem - "Jump Around"

Who would have thought the 1990s hip hop party anthem "Jump Around" would eventually serve double duty as the theme of how I attack renovation projects? Everlast, DJ Lethal, and Danny Boy May never have intended for a 30 something DIY enthusiast to h...
by Old Town Home on Dec 9, 2016

Quick Fix: GenCon Bound!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm headed down to Indy today for GenCon. There won't be a regular post on Friday, but may be sporadic updates depending on my access to wifi and computers over the convention.I hope everyone has a fun rest of the week and w...
by Reality Refracted on Aug 3, 2016

Quick Fix: Whoops & Some General News

First off, I'm sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I ended up getting progressively more sick from Saturday through Sunday night (Monday morning?) and while my being sick gave me a zen like focus on some things, it never even occurred to me that th...
by Reality Refracted on Jun 14, 2016

आलेपाक पोहे

by Vadani Kaval Gheta on Aug 22, 2015

Alepak Pohe

(Link to Marathi Recipe) I had this for the first time when I was in 7th grade when I spent 2 months of summer vacation in Belgaum. I had such a gala time playing cards with cousins. I learnt lots of card games from my older cousins. This is a Belga...
by Vadani Kaval Gheta on Aug 22, 2015

3 Steps Quick Fix to Flawless Skin

As working urbanites we don’t so much time to apply makeup every morning before heading to work but we have to look good, so how? Alright here is the quick fix to flawless skin. Recently I have tried some L’OCCITANE products that can help us to a...
by Sunshine Kelly on Aug 4, 2015

GenCon Day 2: Lots of Gaming, and Some New Friends

Day 2 of GenCon is over and all I really have to say about it is: Oh sweet, dear lord, MY FEET!Kidding...mostly. Aside from my legs being in a good deal of muscle fatigue due to my inadequate level of fitness and sudden high levels of demand, today w...
by Reality Refracted on Jul 31, 2015

GenCon 2015 Day 1: This Is Why I Game

As I write this my legs and feet are burning from day 1 at GenCon. My friend and I left our hotel for the convention at about 8:00am, were there before 8:30, and didn't leave until about 10:30pm. All in all, about 14 hours of walking, meeting folks,...
by Reality Refracted on Jul 30, 2015

Idli Fry

I love Idlis and I do make them often, sometimes from scratch and sometimes from the store bought batter. And whenever I have just couple of leftover idlis then I enjoy them with nice and spicy Green Chili-Lemon pickle. That combination is to die for...
by Vadani Kaval Gheta on Jul 8, 2015

From Bad to Better?

Our heads are spinning when we start to walk through our mental to do lists. While we've made substantial progress in the last week to work towards repairing the whole house plumbing and HVAC disaster, we don't want work at the new house to come...
by Old Town Home on Apr 20, 2015

Quick Fix: The New Look

Some of you have noticed the blog has a different look. I apologize for the lack of warning. I was struck by the mood to actually act on some of the complaints i've received about the old dark background + light text, and figured better now than neve...
by Reality Refracted on Apr 2, 2015

TFK Multi X: brukket kalesje stang

   Skader, som brukket kalesje stanger på tfk sine multi x og quick fix bager, forekommer ganske ofte. Vi tenker kanskje slike bager bør ikke bæres i kalesjer, selv om det ser ut som håndtak i kalesje stangen er laget akkurat til dette.
by BarnevognVerksted on Feb 7, 2015

Refreshing a Dated Bathroom: Windows, Lighting, and Accessories

As Alex mentioned in his post on piling caps, we're a little all over the place with our DIY focus right now. We have a list of projects going on simultaneously, and it seems we're having a hard time checking any of them off the list as fully complet...
by Old Town Home on Feb 5, 2015

Refreshing a Dated Bathroom without a Lot of Time or Money: Walls and Paint

While there's a huge list of projects we're excited to tackle at our new house, it was clear to me what needed to go near the top of our priority project list. With its floral decor from ceiling to floor, the one project I couldn't wait to start...
by Old Town Home on Jan 28, 2015

Win Vichy Idealia Life Serum and Idealia Eyes-Eye Contour Idealizer Care

I have another exciting competition on the blog today, this time from Vichy IDEALIA and their hero product no less, the IDEALIA LIFE SERUM which launched last year. One of their best sellers it's designed for skin exposed to a busy lifestyle (polluti...
by Honest Mum on Nov 26, 2014

My First Time At GenCon - Day 2 Recap

I had a bit of a late start today due to sleeping in, but still had a lot of fun. A bit more cramped for time as myself and my friend who I am here with tried to stick together. Also had 3 hours out of the middle of my time at GenCon day cut up by so...
by Reality Refracted on Aug 16, 2014

My First TIme At GenCon - Day 1 Recap

I know I said I'd be gone until next Monday, but my friend/hotel mate brought his laptop and since I'm back in the room after my first day at GenCon I figured I'd make an update. I intend to do a much more in depth update (complete with some pictures...
by Reality Refracted on Aug 14, 2014

Quickfix: Race and Sex Generator

I figure the earlier post today about Speakeasy is small enough I can make another post.Anyhow, if - like me - you sometimes have problems coming up with a variety of ethnicities in your game, or don't make a deal of ethnicity for whatever reason, th...
by Reality Refracted on Jul 9, 2014

Random Character Life Story Generator

I believe I mentioned earlier that one of the games I'm a part of has shifted into an Infinite World's game and that I am somewhat at a loss for what character I want to play. In my search for character ideas I came across a few random character gene...
by Reality Refracted on Jul 4, 2014

Express brunch 5-Chapathi,pulao,aloo methi recipe

I somehow miss posting my lunch menu here on a regular basis.I am always attracted towards posting recipes for new dish I make and giving the snapshot of the brunch I prepare takes a non intentional backseat.Today while I was going through the pics I...
by Cook Click n devour!!! on May 17, 2014

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