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20 December 2016 - GREAT ONE-LINERS

GREAT ONE-LINERSG'day folks,Here are some interesting one-liners to make you think and smile. ·         How do you get off a non-stop flight?·         How do you write...
by clancy tucker's blog on Dec 19, 2016

Mr & Mrs Wedding Layout

My husband has a co-worker that is getting married in September so I need to start working on their wedding album.  I love giving albums as gifts for weddings, baby showers and more. Something they can hold onto and add their special memories to...
by Minooka Stamper on Jul 9, 2014

21 Hilarious Quick Quotes To Describe Your Mother In Law

Check out these 21 hilarious quick quotes that might describe you mother in law which one comes to mind when you think of your own? Here are some true Mother In Law stories… god bless them! My in-laws came to visit on the day I brought my son h...
by Daily News Dig on Dec 2, 2013


Be content in your own space, happy and humble, hopeful and generous. (By Ron Cooper)...
by Inpire! on Jul 21, 2013

UMBRELLA by Rhianna! Layout Challenge #49

I love this picture of my husband and I.  Every year his company throws a big Christmas party and we get a new picture!  This is one of my favorites!!Since today is our 18th wedding anniversary I wanted to scrapbook something of us (instead...
by Minooka Stamper on Jul 14, 2013

Saving By Quick Auto Insurance Quotes

by mikeying88 It’s compusory to have auto insurance when you own a car, at least the stipulated minimum. What you should do is find out the way how to save on your coverage. We would look at some ways of saving.   DISCOUNTS We make savings whe...
by apple apple on Oct 21, 2012

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