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Arreglos de Mesa para Quince Años: Flores de Papel Crepe

Si quieres ver alguna idea sencilla sobre arreglos de mesa para quince años que te parece si te mostramos el siguiente video, es una manualidad que te puede llevar pocos minutos y que no requiere gastos excesivos en materiales. Se requiere para esta...
by Hacer Piñatas on Jul 8, 2013

DIY 3D Envelopes - Flashback Sunday

Hello everyone! Today I won't be sharing a Card or Gift Box project. Instead, I decided to share my  DIY 3D Envelopes project.  Both the latest design and the original. For those of you who love to make 3D greeting cards like me, I kno...
by jinkyscrafts on Jun 23, 2013

Moscato Stewed Quinces

A sun shower, a funeral and a gathering of old friends...
by The Hungry Australian on May 20, 2013

Heart of Blooming Quince

What a lovely place this world would be if only people would feel affection for everyone else, and all the ugliness of the human heart were to vanish - our envy of those better off than ourselves and our scorn for those worse off. ~ Sayo Masuda&...
by A Little Piece of Me on Apr 21, 2013

Hollywood Themed Wedding Invitations

Hollywood Themed Box InvitationCatch all the glimmer and glitz of a Hollywood back stage bash with these Hollywood Themed Wedding Invitations.  Your guests will feel like stars and starlets being invited to a fancy Hollywood ...
by jinkyscrafts on Mar 14, 2013

Flowering Quince

Oh what a lucky girl I am!  My yard is a bloom with so many little garden treasures right now.  I have never had QUINCE before but am the lucky recipient at my new home.  The daffodils are out and I also see Tulips coming up...the...
by Creative Ideas on Feb 28, 2013

A Rainbow of Painted Plastic Pots

The sun finally came out today which gave me the opportunity to paint some plastic pots to put in our garden. I don’t know about you, but I’m craving some color after days and days of  rain and grey skies. I got the idea to paint these c...
by Cottage at the Crossroads on Feb 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Themed Party + Freebie Organizer Tutorial

 New Year's Day had passed! Now what?! We look forward to next month... February, a LOVE month, HEART month, it's Valentine's Day month.I want to share this Valentine's Day themed Sweet 16th Exploding Box Invitation Jinky's Crafts designed...
by jinkyscrafts on Jan 5, 2013

5 Types of Mini Gifts for All Occasions

Hello Crafters!!! I think most of you are probably busy decorating and shopping for Christmas. I just wanted to share these cool + cutesy gifts I found online. These mini-gifts are not only good for Christmas but for all kinds of seasons or events li...
by jinkyscrafts on Nov 29, 2012

Yellow Beet and Quince Salad

This tasty salad brings the flavors of fall. The poached quince tastes lovely with the beets and the soy cheese, and walnuts bring even more texture and flavors. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 4 medium yellow beets 1 quince, poached 4 ounces soy cheese...
by Vegalicious on Nov 9, 2012

Recipe: Apple & Quince (Syrup) Crumble

A death of a tree, when life no longer provides you with quinces then try a syrup in their place. [...]The post Recipe: Apple & Quince (Syrup) Crumble appeared first on Fuss Free Flavours.
by Fuss Free Flavours on Oct 28, 2012

Quince baked with Honey and Star Anise

Being a rare fruit I would have thought that a quince would be grateful when somebody bought it and allowed that person to enjoy its flavour with ease. For something so elusive it puts up a pretty good battle when you wa...
by All That I'm Eating on Oct 16, 2012

Short Shorts: Political Cockroaches

Only in Florida.Man dies after winning roach-eating contest.Speaking of cockroaches ...Forces within and outside the state are paying big bucks to oust three Florida Supreme Court judges to allow current Gov. Rick Scott the opportunity to appoint thr...
by Talk to Me on Oct 8, 2012

Discovering my Inner Baker (crushing on KitchenAid)

Bakers are made, not born. Don’t believe me? A few years ago, my cakes (and my photography) looked like this: Notice how this cake is leaning precariously to one side and the very runny icing is pooling in the middle? *Cringe* At least my daugh...
by The Hungry Australian on Aug 25, 2012

Discovering my Inner Baker (crushing on Kitchenaid)

Pin It Bakers are made, not born. Don’t believe me? A few years ago, my cakes (and my photography) looked like this: Pin It Notice how this cake is leaning precariously to one side and the very runny icing is pooling in the middle? *Cringe* At...
by The Hungry Australian on Aug 25, 2012

Turquoise Blue & Chocolate Brown Color Combo - LIKE it?

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday! I just want to share some inspirational photos of the Turquoise Blue and Chocolate Brown Color Combo. This color combination has been very popular for the 2012 color palette for Weddings, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16s, 18th...
by jinkyscrafts on Jul 31, 2012

Quince Muertos por Accidente de un Autobús de Cachemira

Por Mukhtar Ahmad, para CNN (CNN) – Quince pasajeros murieron y otros 18 resultaron heridos cuando un bus que llevaba peregrinos hindús se estrelló en una carretera montañosa en Cachemira, dijeron las autoridades el domingo. El bus se dirigía...
by FLOWDEBARRIO.COM on Jul 15, 2012

Quince Meringue Pie

Ever since I started cooking with quinces a few weeks ago I’ve been dreaming up ways to enjoy this magnificent fruit. So when Sweet Adventures‘ Sweet As Pie bloghop rolled around, I decided quinces had to be the star ingredient. But what...
by The Hungry Australian on Jun 21, 2012

@KevinEspinosaLA – Quince Rosas (Prod By Tuny D)

Spring has Sprung {Summer is on it’s way!}

The Dragoo’s are back from Southern California safe and sound. All is well, except that I may have eaten my weight in fish tacos while we were away. If there is ever a place besides Mexico to get an authentic fish taco, San Diego has got to be...
by ABCD Design on May 7, 2012

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