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Notes and Inserts

I relish the weight of a book, the texture of its paper, the memories of passages associated with a particular place upon a physical page. These elements are, of course, adventitious to the text, though they may be welcome and even harmonious. Anno...
by Poetry on the Loose on Jun 2, 2016

No Walls: No courage = No Victory

RE:  Richard  Armitage, British Actor @RCArmitage Dear Richard, It is of course your absolute right to choose what to write and what to delete on your timeline and I would always respect your choices and freedom of speech or lack … Continue r...
by Believe on Feb 29, 2016

Seeds planted deep into our DNA were meant to grow into fruitful mighty trees

Dear Richard, Your Christmas message on twitter moved me so deeply and struck a vulnerable chord in the fabric of my being. I am a foreigner living in the UK. In the current climate, not a day goes by when I … Continue reading →...
by Believe on Dec 20, 2015

Russell Brand v Evan Davis

The default position of many on the left will be to immediately write-off Russell Brand as naive and self aggrandising. I don’t. I think he’s sincere, passionate, and is stirring things up on behalf of the have nots as few others are. I p...
by Socialist Unity on Oct 24, 2014

Britain extradites Islamist cleric to United States

LONDON: Britain extradited Islamist cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to the United States on Friday to face terrorism charges after the one-eyed radical preacher finally failed in his eight-year battle to avoid deportation.
by CNews on Oct 5, 2012

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