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I Miss Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cool, crisp air, the glorious yellow, orange and red colors, and especially the tangy scent of wood smoke. I remember bobbing for apples, hunting for pumpkins to … Continue reading →...
by Second Wind Publishing on Oct 11, 2015

TRP Ratings of TV Serials Week 45 (3rd Nov to 9th Nov 2014)

TRP Ratings of TV Serials Week 45 (3rd Nov to 9th Nov 2014) finally Published out. Here, we are giving the complete list of top 10 tv serials among all channels of TRP Ratings of TV Serials Week 45. The Trp Ratings of TV Serials Week 45 (3rd Nov 2014...
by Tvserialsupdate on Nov 7, 2014

13 Ways to Make Money While Exercising

One of the biggest problems many people face when it comes to exercising is lack of time, mostly due to work and other obligations. Most people who decide that they need to get more exercise immediately think about joining a gym. While this is certai...
by Debt Free Living Guru on May 7, 2014

How to create flower beds for your home

SPRUCE UP YOUR YARD   Flower beds are often used as beautiful focal points on the front lawns of many homes. People associate gardening with a lot of work and while flower beds will always require some maintenance, planning ahead can help to lim...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Apr 24, 2014

Raking And Bagging Leaves

Master Gardener William Moss gives his top tips for raking and bagging your fall leaves.
by on Feb 28, 2013

okay, I'll rake

I don't talk about the mundane garden chores too often: mowing the lawn (barely had to do it this year), weeding (okay, I do talk about that once in a while), and raking. It's not that I hate doing them (except for mowing the lawn), it's just that I...
by It's Not Work, It's Gardening! on Dec 10, 2012

Things I’d Rather Hire Somebody Else to Do

Things I’d Rather Hire Somebody Else to Do Club Thrifty - Stop spending. Start living.  Our yard has a lot of trees. Fourteen to be exact. We had twenty, but six of them met their demise after I received a chainsaw for Christmas last year.
by Club Thrifty on Nov 27, 2012

Dannon’s Path to Play Challenge: Fun with Leaves! #Rally4Recess_leaves #sweeps

Last week, I told you about Rally for Recess, an incredible program by Dannon® Danimals® and Danonino® to help encourage kids to be active and play outdoors. I hope you’ve been looking for codes on Danimals® and Danonino® products and redeemin...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on Oct 25, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Things About Fall

My six-year-old son, Dipsy, would like me to share his fall faves with you.While the list starts out innocently and predictably enough, I should warn you that toward the end, the whole thing goes to pot. Perhaps literally. (Potty mouth alert!)Dipsy's...

Want to win $500? I wish I could!

Check out the latest from Crafted Niche - a lifestye blog that shares DIY crafts, recipes and tutorials - Want to win $500? I wish I could! Wow! Would you believe you have ANOTHER opportunity to win some serious cash-money-moolah-BANK?!? I’ve...
by Crafted Niche on Oct 1, 2012

Squeak Squeak Sound Of The Maine Potato Farm Harvester, Digger….

Picking potatoes, working as a kid on the Maine farm land means starting early, getting up when it is pitch black outside. Rise and shinning to the smell of frying, sizzling bacon and home fries, eggs just the way you like them. Partnered with a stac...
by MeInMaine Blog on Sep 30, 2012

Learning From Your Kids Travels In And Out Of Maine.

As children grow up, graduate from high school, college in Maine, they venture out, explore, begin their adult life. And what they learn, they share with parents back at the ranch. Or when a trip is taken to where they are a long way from the childho...
by MeInMaine Blog on Sep 18, 2012

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