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High Times 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup In Negril

Rastafari Rootzfest will host the first ever HIGH TIMES 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup in Negril on Nov. 12- 15, 2015. This historical moment is the country’s first ganja-exempt event. “It’s time to get up and stand up, stand up for what...
by on Oct 19, 2015

The Art of Religion

If you take a train along the Raritan Valley Line en route to New York City, you will see many of the less highly regarded sights of New Jersey. The properties along the rails are often industrial and neglected. Graffiti … Continue reading U...

The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari

The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Carried Beyond (2007)01. Intro02. Grounation03. Lumba04. Green Island05. My People06. Leave out Babylon07. MedleyMinhas Atualizações...
by Silvânio Rocker's on Dec 11, 2013

The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - The Original Complete Grounation (1974)01. Bongo Man 02. Narration03. Malorat (Passin' Thru)04. Poem05. Four Hundred Years06. Poem07. Song08. Lumba09. Four Hundred YearsCD 201. Ethiopian Serenade02. Oh Caroli...
by Silvânio Rocker's on Dec 10, 2013

Recently purchased Art in Ethiopia

My friend, Patrick, back in California knows that I've been on the hunt for a cutting-edge Ethiopian artist(s). While that search continues, Ana and I did meet a Rastafarian printmaker at an art/handicraft fair in Addis this weekend.The artist makes...
by Camels and Tacos on Nov 25, 2013

Snoop Lion In Trouble With The Rastafari Community

by Hail Mary Jane on Jan 25, 2013


RASTA IMPOSTA SNOOP DOGG Follow me on flickrFollow me on Twitter@egadapparel. Adrian Davis Adrian egad apparel on cafepress...

Only Jah Love

He gave me love in abundanceMy cup is surely overflowingHe gave me love as a promiseA love that is ever growingHis is the only love that is trueBecause His love is always thereAnd no matter what I doHis love is always fairHis love is not based on bea...
by Crowning Writes on Oct 19, 2012

Rastaman in Barbados

Sometimes a holiday has to stand for more than just rest and relaxation. By the middle of the nineties, my marriage was floundering. Following a huge row, I left our home on a Sunday evening for a week-long training course, convinced that the whole t...
by Attempted Essays on Aug 11, 2012

Snoop Dogg cambiado por experiencia religiosa, dice es Bob Marley reencarnado

El rapero ha tenido una carrera al filo de la controversia: Ha sido arrestado por posesión de drogas y armas en el pasado, y hasta sospechas de asesinato. Sin embargo, él ha anunciado que nació de nuevo... LEER MAS...
by Jesus te dice: on Aug 3, 2012

Pegadinha da maconha

Muito engraçado.
by VideoHits on Jul 6, 2012

BatPiada da Semana. Merece 1 Tirinha!

by Merece 1 Tirinha on May 14, 2012

Song of Freedom

Das “Freiheitslied”, das Marley hier sing, heißt “Redemption Song”, also Erlösungs-Lied, und ich finde es wahnsinnig stark. Stark erst mal im 70er Jahre Stil, also gut, cool, groovy, oder wie man heute sagt… Aber auch...
by Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott on Apr 27, 2012

Reggae Mix

Reggae Mix - Balanço do Reggae (1997) 01. Vai Garoto02. Balanço Do Reggae03. Brasil04. As Pessoas São05. Chicle06. Trem Bão07. Flores08. Deixa09. Eco Revolução10. Motivo Certo11. LutarMinhas Atualizações...
by Silvânio Rocker's on Feb 28, 2012

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