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30 Awesome Custom Rat Rod Pictures

Daily News Dig - 30 Awesome Custom Rat Rod PicturesRat rods are becoming more and more popular every year and the American born trend is now spreading to the rest of the world. So in honer of these rusty racers here are 30 custom rat rod pictures. If...
by Daily News Dig on Jul 26, 2013

Breathtakingly beautiful rat rods

More than 40 years ago, an automotive phenomenon began and came to be known as rat rodding. Lots of rusty jalopies called rat rods have become very popular and a major point of interest. Thanks to the people who build [...]...
by Cars VW on Apr 24, 2012

Grand National Roadster Show 2012 part two

Second part of my coverage of the GNRS.COMPLETE COVERAGE PART TWOPART ONE...
by NEW CAR SPECIFICATION on Jan 28, 2012

Rat Rod tow truck... full size 1950's Chevy

found on
by Motor Crazy on Jan 10, 2012

Hudson Hornet MADNESS!

Happy October of EYE-CANDY THANKS MOEBIUS! Car Video in made by ordinary people like us. And some are made by professionals. We hope the car videos provides great benefits to you...
by Cardrenaline on Sep 30, 2011

1953 Chevy Bel Air

Cruzin the 53 on a sunday afternoon. Alotta elbow grease and and atiny bit of mexican engineering goes into this project…hehehe. I can make it start, go and stop….just sometimes not in that order. When I got it, it was sitting on bricks w...
by Cardrenaline on Sep 2, 2011

Stone's Pig Garage rat rod, has some cool stuff to check out

Maybe a tractor grill, but I like it, and great placement of the headlightsNotice the horns on both sides of the firewall by the leading edge of the doors... cool. Great interior, I was instantly admiring the radio, the antique fire extinguisher, spe...
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

Mike Dingillo's riveted rat rod

I didn't get a good shot of the top of the trans, but you can see that "go" and "rev" have been lettered on, reminiscent of Van Dutch's stating the obvious humor... I dig it Great dash, love the riveted speedometer piece...
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

the Streeet Sweeper made by Slim's Fabrication, this van does effin wheelies!

Advertising your work doesn't get much more permanent than welding onto the bumper... and it's how I could find more info on the builder... so it definitely works see some better shots on Slim's blog:
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

The NHRA museum in Pomona has a rat rod out front, I'm not sure what that indicates, but I like it

by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

Gerry cans and ammo cans, a new use for cool old military stuff

If you look close at the left hand can, at the top of the photo, you'll see the low pressure air fitting in the filler cap. It didn't work well the first time, but the builder was trying to use the gerry cans for air tanks for the air suspension... t...
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

Harley Freeman's '24 Dodge... barbwire, bullet casings and flash supressors

Con rod for a shifter, and a Speed King drum pedal .. right on. Plus, a Blastolene sticker Above, a speaker cover. I like it...
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

Dodge truck rat rod, with a footlocker for a trunk, and a standout special rear window ornament

I like the tires and rims, nice touch. I don't know where they could have found this ornament, but it's superb Looks just like the footlocker my dad brought back from his time in the army during the Vietnam war...
by Car Reviews on Feb 1, 2011

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