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Game Your Kid’s Education With These 10 Cool Kits

Exo Labs Model 2 Camera attached to a light microscope Exo Labs Exo Labs Model 2 Camera The Model 2 camera attaches to any standard microscope and captures high-res images of the field of view.
by Cnet Analysis on Sep 3, 2014

How Students Are Using The World’s Largest Indoor Smog Chamber To Save The Planet

A glimpse into the world's largest smog chamber. Courtesy University of California, Riverside It’s not easy to make a cloud indoors, but students at the University of California, Riverside are certainly trying.
by Cnet Analysis on Sep 3, 2014

What My Mother Learned from Einstein

Myfawny Williams studied the genetics of Themeda triandra, a type of grass native to Africa. Courtesy Julia Wood In 1946, my mother, Myfanwy, was 16 and going to school in Cape Town, South Africa, when she wrote a letter to Albert Einstein that cha...
by Cnet Analysis on Sep 3, 2014

What’s In Your Drinking Water?

What's in your water? Data Visualization by Katie Peek; Pharmaceuticals data from Mitchell S...
by Cnet Analysis on Jun 12, 2014

U.S. Tech Giants Speak Up for China – Amy Schatz – News …

Business groups raised alarms Thursday about a provision in the recently enacted government spending bill that makes it harder for some federal agencies to buy technology made in China. Original source:  U.S. Tech Giants Speak Up for China – A...
by Latest Tech and Science News on Apr 5, 2013

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