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Upcycled Quilling Card

Looking for quilling inspiration?  Why not upcycle old gift enclosure cards into new cards for friends and family? Last fall I spent a lovely day with my friend stopping at yard sales and thrift stores.  At one very unique shop in downtown Villa Ri...
by The Art of Quilling on Jan 13, 2013

Birthday Card with Quilled Flower Accent

A dear friend of mine, Sharon, recently had a birthday and I wanted to craft her a quilling card to celebrate the occasion. I have a very hard time using border punches and when I saw this lovely strip on the program of a wedding I attended rece...
by The Art of Quilling on Sep 9, 2012

Quilled Mini Valentine’s Day Cards

Feeling sweet, sexy, or playfully punny?  Then one of these quilled Valentine’s Day cards is right for you. Archiver’s has been advertising a card workshop making Itty Bitty Valentines that are 3-in x 3-in.  They looked so cute I decided to cha...
by The Art of Quilling on Feb 1, 2012

Recycled Ribbon Spool Quilling Card

Here is a delightful card that uses an empty ribbon spool as the card base.  A message strip is attached to the core, wound around the spool, and secured with a piece of ribbon tied into a bow.  The lucky recipient then unties the bow to unroll...
by The Art of Quilling on Jul 1, 2011

Quilling a Happy Halloween Card

I was wandering around my local Jo-Ann recently, and I do mean wandering — they have totally changed the layout of the store, moving the merchandise and shelving.  The entire store is now different.    I managed to find the scrapbook departm...
by The Art of Quilling on Oct 17, 2010

Quilled Acorn Bookmark

A while ago, I saw a window tag at the scrapbook store that held confetti.  The tag was made from two pieces of card stock with a clear plastic window sandwiched in between.  As I examined the piece, I wondered if it would work with quilling and fi...
by The Art of Quilling on Aug 23, 2010

Quilled Puzzle Piece Magnet

I really appreciate all of the feedback I receive from my newsletter subscribers and blog readers.   One request that I hear quite often is for more quilling projects made from recycled materials, which is great because I enjoy creating them!   Se...
by The Art of Quilling on Jun 6, 2010

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