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Red State (2011) – buena idea mal ejecutada

Red State nos presenta una historia interesante, bien dirigida, pero mal ejecutada en el el fondo. No es la mejor de Kevin Smith, pero aprueba el examen.
by Zinemaníacos on Dec 12, 2016

Rick Perry Attacked by NeverTrump Crowd for Keeping His Word

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by on May 14, 2016

Check out the original ending to Kevin Smith’s Red State, in animated form

If you’re familiar with Kevin Smith’s original plans for Red State, you’ll know that the filmmaker intended on an apocalyptic ending for the 2011 horror, with the trumpets heard in the final version of the movie actually signalling...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Mar 29, 2015


TUSK-United States/Canada-102 Mins. 2014 Directed and Written by Kevin Smith The smartest thing that director Kevin Smith has done as a filmmaker is the casting of Michael Parks in his movies. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that … Cont...
by Written in Blood on Jan 16, 2015

It’s the values, stupid

One of life’s great mysteries for me is trying to imagine what was going through the minds of voters in last November’s election when they pulled the lever or checked the box or poked the chad giving Republican’s control over both houses of Con...
by That's Going Too Far! on Dec 12, 2014

and then there was this Republican from Maine who said IF WOMEN CAN HAVE ABORTIONS; MEN CAN RAPE THEM? WHAT?

smh My brain is on the floor of my house right now and it’s 4am in the morning If this dude was in my house right now he’d be hanging from my roof Naked with his anus up in the … Continue reading →...
by on Jun 19, 2014


BAD MILO!-United States-85 Mins. 2013 Directed by Jacob Vaughan Written by Brian Hayes and Jacob Vaughan I’m having a little trouble trying to figure out Bad Milo! Is it a film about a man with a demon residing in his anal cavity that emerges w...
by Written in Blood on Mar 20, 2014

Dr. Milton Wolf at RedState Gathering 2013 (Video)

Video streaming by Ustream Via RedState, great speech by President Barack Obama’s cousin and staunch opponent of ObamaCare.
by Fire Jim Moran on Aug 18, 2013

Tea Party in Tanic over Rick Scott

  Ha!Ardent anti-Obamacare Gov. Rick Scott tossed his tea bag ideology overboard this week and made national news doing so by voicing his full support and acceptance of federal dollars to expand Medicaid in Florida.The Tea Party is all a-tw...
by Talk to Me on Feb 21, 2013

A Red State Model? Yes, Please!

Some of us languishing in blue states with high tax rates can only dream of living in a red state. We know those red states are out there, but for some of us they’re just out of reach. We’d love nothing more than those governors  taking...
by The Lonely Conservative on Feb 5, 2013

Red State (2011) Online

Tres adolescentes con las hormonas al rojo vivo contestan a un anuncio de una mujer madura que busca sexo. Siendo chicos los chicos, se lanzan a la carretera para satisfacer...The post Red State (2011) Online appeared first on PaisPirata.
by PaisPirata on Dec 1, 2012

Trunkline 2012: Wednesday’s Word On the Campaign Trail

  Today’s Trunkline 2012 election news wrap-up includes headlines about Paul Ryan’s call to actress Stacey dash, Romney’s benchmark lead over Obama, Fred Thompson’s assessment of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech, Pre...
by White House 2012 on Oct 10, 2012

America gets divorced: crafting a separation agreement

Part two of a series. In part one, I offered an overview of why I think the time has come to partition America – shake hands, go our separate ways, and let two (at least) groups of people follow their own paths according to their very different...
by Scholars & Rogues on Aug 15, 2012

It’s time for America to get a divorce

Part one of a series. This past week AlterNet published an interview with Chuck Thompson, author of Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession. In brief, Thompson argues that the United States has become two very diff...
by Scholars & Rogues on Aug 12, 2012

Top Ten Preacher Anti Heroes

Faith is a subject best left to the individual. While I don't have any religious inclination, I don't have any desire to interfere with anyone else's views. Kurt Vonnegut speaking of a friend who lost his faith, said,  "I thought that was too mu...
by Criminal Movies on Jul 9, 2012

Red State (2011)

Ver Red State online gratis (2011) Sinopsis:  Tres adolescentes con las hormonas al rojo vivo contestan a un anuncio...

My Movie Influence : Red State (2011)

It’s Monday and new post of My Movie Influence. The movie is by far the youngest in terms of released year in this series. Red State (2011) is a movie that has been influenced Julian who writes his thoughts about … Continue reading →...
by Inspired Ground on Jul 8, 2012

#GBE2: If I had my life to live over...

This topic is supposed to be filled with the age old wisdom of one who's tasted the ups and downs of life and has now matured to a quiet understanding. Yeah, right! If I had my life to live over, there are a few things I might do differently: (1) I w...
by Catch My Words on Jun 11, 2012

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