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How I Like to Take Care of My Body & Mind

Healthy living can be a bit of a vague term can't it? It's just so subjective. For some, being healthy means only eating organic, seasonal produce and hitting the gym five times a week. For others, a bit of exercise and a balanced diet is enoug...
by Honest Mum on Nov 8, 2015

How to keep Yourself Healthy By Reducing Stress

Stress and anxiety are something we are all affected by, some more than others. How stress affects us will depend on how well we deal with situations. For many people, stress can cause traumatizing experiences, to the point that they have difficulty...
by Beauty Tips on Jul 17, 2015

6 Weird Ways Religion Is Influencing Your Brain (as proven by science)

It should probably come as no surprise that my belief in a God resides somewhere between Father Christmas and England’s chances of ever winning another World Cup. Oh I’ve tried. As a wide eyed and impressionable pre-teen I was given a copy of the...
by Psycholocrazy on Jul 16, 2014

21 Quick And Easy Ways Of Freeing Up More Time

Right, you bunch of lazy bastards. It’s time to wake up, slap yourself in the face and realise that you’re all living a lie. There is no such thing as not having enough time. It’s an excuse, an illusion. The truth is, either you’re terrible a...
by Psycholocrazy on Jun 9, 2014

Tips for Reducing Stress in the Workplace

If you worry much about your work and the tasks you have to do immediately, you can easily get tired and stressed, and the developing pressure from the top management contribute to the level of stress you are getting, and to your fatigue. Other facto...
by Womens Health on Mar 19, 2014

Steroids For The Brain – How I Used Modafinil To Study For 19 Hours Straight

I take a look around – everything seems different, yet I cannot put my finger on it. I’m completely surrounded by women but I barely pay them any attention. There is too much to do, besides, the last thing I need right now is to make eye contact...
by Psycholocrazy on Feb 28, 2014

Heart of the Matter: Six Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

More than one in four deaths in the UK is caused by heart and circulatory diseases, with coronary heart disease being the UK’s single biggest killer.* Scary isn't it?!
by Honest Mum on Feb 26, 2014

Right-sizing Your Way To Retirement—Step One

Retirement is a big topic for many of us in midlife.  The usual approach is to figure out how much money you can possibly save up so that you can continue the lifestyle you have created for you and your … Continue reading →You're reading...
by SMART Living 365 on Aug 9, 2013

Workouts That Travel

A vacation can do wonders for reducing stress levels, but it can derail a healthy fitness regimen. Even some of the most die-hard exercisers find it difficult to stick with Continue Reading →...
by Give Me Cash on Jun 19, 2013

The Idiots Guide To Being An Idiot

The more I read about personal development, the more I realise that everyone has it all back to front. The goal shouldn’t be to improve ourselves. It should be to screw up as often as possible because that’s infinitely more interesting. If we liv...
by Psycholocrazy on May 22, 2013

5 More completely random and awesome ways to re-wire your brain

If you’re clever (or were simply reading this blog way back in the days before the Mayans lied to us all) then you should remember that I wrote a prequel to this article titled ‘5 completely random and awesome ways to improve your brain’. Obvio...
by Psycholocrazy on Mar 28, 2013

Are You An Introvert Or Just A Highly Sensitive Person?

I am often overwhelmed, but you wouldn’t know it. When the world is bombarding me with stimuli my brain responds with a ‘nope I’m not dealing with this’ and inside at least, I will shut down and do my utmost to ignore everything aroun...
by Psycholocrazy on Mar 22, 2013

The First Step To Improving Child Behavior

The first step to improving child behavior is improving the quality of your responses. From there, you will find opportunities for leading your child into improved behavior.
by WisieForKids Blog on Feb 9, 2013

5 Harmful things you need to stop doing today

I don’t know about any of you lot but I’m continually doing things which are either unhealthy or a total waste of time. Worrying about factors that are totally out of my control or stuffing my face with Doughnuts when I should be on a low carb di...
by Psycholocrazy on Jan 3, 2013

Stop Procrastination Now – 7 Awesome Ways To Cure The Lazy Disease

Procrastination is a pain in the ass. You would think that by sitting back and doing absolutely nothing that we would be content and happy. Why else would we continue to put things off? Choosing to do something tomorrow instead of today may seem like...
by Psycholocrazy on Dec 5, 2012

Retail is evil – Why I gave up my job

It felt like I had just been hit by a train. Her comment had blindsided me to such an extent that I stood there, open mouthed, struggling to comprehend what I had just heard. Her eyes staring at me intently; her ignorance was astounding but yet I cou...
by Psycholocrazy on Nov 29, 2012

How to reduce stress in 10 easy steps

Do you ever feel the need to scream out at the top of your lungs? Unless you are auditioning for the next Tarzan movie (seriously do they make them anymore?) you probably feel stressed! Learning how to slow down our lives and to reduce these negative...
by Psycholocrazy on Oct 16, 2012

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