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Murad Christmas & Party Perfect 2016 Gift Sets

We're just one week away from Christmas, and if your into skincare products, Christmas 2016 gift sets offered by Murad  have some really amazing deals to keep your giffiting record perfect, with gift sets that every girl will love from the...
by Small N' Hot on Dec 20, 2016

A total lack of consultation

The following paragraph was published this morning in the Argus newspaper in the Opinion section: According to a press release from NHS England in mid August, local NHS organisations were “working together for the first time on shared plans to R...
by IanChisnall on Dec 14, 2016

SIGN THE PETITION: President Obama: Appoint Merrick Garland on January 3, 2017

SIGN THE PETITION: President Obama: Appoint Merrick Garland on January 3, 2017 HELP APPOINT MERRICK GARLAND TO SCOTUS – SCREW TRUMP! Created by G.N. on December 02, 2016 Sign This Petition Needs 98,587 signatures by January 1, 2017 to get a res...
by The Politics of Everything on Dec 6, 2016

Groundhog Parliament

Our nation has only one Parliament and it is vital that it is cared for and not misused, it is a costly resource and the only place in which laws can be made. Tragically when MPs from outside of the … Continue reading →...
by IanChisnall on Dec 5, 2016

A complete lack of integrity

One of the people who has featured in many previous blogs is Baron David Freud who apart from his comment in the image, also spoke in 2013 in the House of Lords “My Lords, there is actually no evidence as … Continue reading →...
by IanChisnall on Dec 3, 2016

Professional bodies need to act

The news that 20 out of 22 medical professional bodies have signed a letter calling on Junior Doctors to halt their 5 day strike has inevitably made headline news. Yesterday I heard an interview with Simon Paterson-Brown, a Council member … Con...
by IanChisnall on Sep 3, 2016

New Caledonia poised for tax reform

New Caledonia’s Congress is due to debate a comprehensive tax reform. The key aspect is a planned three-tiered consumption tax which would replace a raft of levies, including the import tax.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 31, 2016

Transformed for the very First time?

A few days ago I was sent a press release from NHS England which suggests that something of a breakthrough is happening. It began “We need an NHS ready for the future, with no one falling between the cracks. To do this, … Continue reading &...
by IanChisnall on Aug 31, 2016

A hollow strategy, under threat

After many years of faux campaigning and wringing of hands, the Governments has at long last unveiled its response to what a senior Government Minister described in February as a National Emergency. Yet the only real policy within the Child … C...
by IanChisnall on Aug 26, 2016

Corporate tax reform is vital to boosting America’s growth

After more than a year of campaigning, the Republican and Democrat nominees have entered a sprint towards polling day. And, as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton begin to outline their economic visions for restoring growth and improving the living stan...
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 25, 2016

An Exclusive Cocktail Tasting and Mixology Masterclass at Reform Social

Since moving to London, I’ve become slightly addicted to the city’s constantly expanding cocktail scene, whether it be tasting a classic in a luxurious bar or ordering a theatrical concoction behind an secretive door. I’ve developed a n...
by Eppie on Aug 23, 2016

Something that should trouble all of us

The news that the Government has suppressed a report that shows one of their flagship schemes has been ineffective is not a shock. Sadly that sort of things happens all too often and Governments appear to believe that they are … Continue readin...
by IanChisnall on Aug 15, 2016

Immigrants, Offshore Firms to Face Stiffer Scrutiny Under Tax Reforms

Israeli tax evaders face tougher times ahead under reforms that will end the exemption new immigrants and returning Israelis enjoyed on reporting foreign income while Israeli-owned offshore companies will face heightened scrutiny.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 4, 2016

health visitors are not optional

A month ago the government launched a review into the role of health visiting for families with very young children. The current legislation which requires mandatory health checks to be carried out for all families comes to an end in … Continue...
by IanChisnall on Aug 4, 2016

GST Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha – India’s Biggest Tax Reform Measure

Goods and Services Tax Bill is finally passed in Rajya Sabha. GST Bill – Constitution Amendment Bill which the Lok Sabha had already approved last year 2015 is passed on Wednesday, 3rd August 2016. BJP and UPA had 7 hours... The post GST Bill P...

Kenyan Schools Reform Is A Unique Chance To Rethink Life-Skills Teaching

Research has established that school-going children with a positive attitude are more likely to achieve better results in school and in life. They’re also more likely to be goal-oriented and committed to their favourite activities than those peers...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jul 25, 2016

Electoral reform

I regularly write about the need for a reform of our democratic processes and structures. With one or two notable exceptions, most people I speak to about these things, and most people who respond to my blogs and postings agree … Continue readi...
by IanChisnall on Jul 23, 2016

Task Group: Brent needs to rethink its partnerships with housing associations

Top 10 providers by housing associationLast night's Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Commitee considered the Task Group on Brent Housing Association's Report LINK. The task group was led by Cllr Tom Miller.Executive Summary and key recommendations:&n...
by wembleymatters on Jul 21, 2016

Tax reform, aggressive housing program pushed

The attainment of the Filipinos’ vision to have a “simple and comfortable” life with a per capita income thrice bigger than the current level by 2040 would get a boost if the succeeding administrations will implement a comprehensive tax reform...
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 28, 2016

Consumer-focused technology is transforming healthcare as we know it

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