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Lamar Odom Check Himself Back Into A Rehab Facility In San Diego

Lamar Odom preparing for the next chapter of his life.   Lamar Odom has reportedly checked himself back into a rehab facility in San Diego, just days after a judge finally signed off on his divorce with Khloe Kardashian which will go into effect...
by New Hip Hop Music on Dec 15, 2016

Take It Easy

One day at a time.
by Addiction Inbox on Nov 13, 2016

Demi Lovato Says Rehab Helped Her Shed Disney Image!

Demi Lovato like most Disney star who hit a certain age what to blast past their too clean images. Demi and her tour mate/best friend Nick Jonas spoke with The Calgary Herald on their transition from Disney darlings to heart throbs. “For me, th...
by Beautelicious on Aug 26, 2016

Find the Right Environment to Support Your Recovery

It’s necessary to have a supportive environment for weeks, months, even years, after getting sober. An environment can have a great influence on our thoughts, mood, feelings, and behavior. Although some might argue that the atmosphere of a plac...
by Recovery Advocates on Aug 1, 2016

Another TKR Flexibility Exercise Using an Exercise Bike

Hi everyone. Many of you have contacted me recently wondering about using an exercise bike for tkr (total knee replacement) rehab. This equipment played a crucial role in my tkr recuperation. Even 8 years post-tkr, I still use it to work on my knee&#...
by Booktoots' Healing on Aug 1, 2016

Mending Family Relationships After Addiction

If you’ve been sober for a few weeks or months, perhaps you’re ready to make amends with family members. There may have been experiences in the past, perhaps as a result of the addiction, that seemed irreparable at the time. But time can...
by Recovery Advocates on Jul 18, 2016

Stay Occupied This Summer to Stay Sober

  Having too much free time can be a recovering addict’s enemy. Being bored might bring on cravings and if you’re not careful it can result in a relapse. In order to avoid relapse, fill up your free time with healthy activities that...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 28, 2016

Three Lifestyle Changes to Help Your Recovery

While going through recovery, you’ll want to make some lifestyle changes to help achieve and maintain sobriety. These changes are not things that happen over night; they take hard work and dedication. However, when you commit to making certain...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 24, 2016

Create Your Chosen Set of Recovery Tools

  When you’re in recovery, whether it’s from addiction or mental illness or a physical disease, you’ll need a set of recovery tools to help you get through the rough moments. And not every tool works for everyone in every situa...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 24, 2016

Addiction Treatment Industry at the Crossroads

How unethical treatment shills hunt down patients.Check this account at Huffington Post by Ryan Grim: "Addiction Treatment Industry Worried Lax Ethics Could Spell Its Doom."Eye-opening.
by Addiction Inbox on Jun 20, 2016

Research Finds that Those Who are 65 Years and Older Binge Drink

When you think of binge drinking you might think of those between the ages of 18 and 24 participating in this kind of behavior. And it is certainly true that young adults make up the largest percentage of the population who binge drink. However, acco...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 17, 2016

Elizabeth Cook on Rehab, David Letterman and Piercing New Album

Elizabeth Cook has logged more than 400 performances on the Grand Ole Opry, sat in on a handful of howlingly funny chats with David Letterman during the final years of his CBS Late Show run, snagged a long-running stint as host of her own freewheelin...
by Celebrity gossip news on Jun 17, 2016

Marcellus Wallace – Londown Town EP (ARR0083)

Artists: Marcellus Wallace, Dub HealyTitle: London Town EPLabels: Audio RehabCatalog: ARR0083Release Date: 2016-06-13Genres: House Marcellus Wallace – Londown Town (Original Mix) Marcellus Wallace – The Maze (Original Mix) Marcellus Walla...
by House Language on Jun 14, 2016

Marcellus Wallace – Londown Town EP (ARR0083)

Artists: Marcellus Wallace, Dub HealyTitle: London Town EPLabels: Audio RehabCatalog: ARR0083Release Date: 2016-06-13Genres: House Marcellus Wallace – Londown Town (Original Mix) Marcellus Wallace – The Maze (Original Mix) Marcellus Walla...
by Electronic Music on Jun 14, 2016

Admitting Powerlessness Doesn’t Mean You’re a Bad Person

Nobody likes to admit they are wrong. And nobody likes to admit that they have a problem with alcohol and drugs. However, an addiction exists when a person simply cannot stop using drugs or drinking. This has nothing to do with being right or wrong o...
by Recovery Advocates on Apr 22, 2016

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

From prescription drugs to heroin, marijuana or cocaine, drug abuse and addiction is a damaging and often life-threatening illness that requires urgent attention. Relationships, careers, physical health, and even your survival are at risk, and gettin...
by Addicts Helping Addicts Blog on Apr 1, 2016

Recovery Should Heal the Whole Person

Historically, recovery was pretty simple: put a person through detox and keep them sober. Period. Sometimes it worked, but most often sobriety didn’t last. Instead, there was relapse after relapse and that person might have never truly recovere...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 30, 2016

How to Support Your Loved One from Addiction to Recovery

If you have someone in your life that you care about and if that person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may be feeling great frustration, despair, and even anger. You may want to support them but perhaps don’t know how. You might be angry...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 28, 2016

Why Communication with Others Is Necessary in Recovery

Some recovery addicts might notice that their ability to communicate isn’t as strong as it could be. Perhaps they don’t communicate with others when they need something, which is common in codependent relationships. They may feel uncomfor...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 14, 2016

Giwa: Suntai Not Abandoned, Undergoing Rehab In USA

Silvanus Giwa, the Senior Special Assistant on... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit site or click title above]]...
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on Mar 12, 2016

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