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Aslan - (US) Demo 86

Line Up:line-upBuddy Lackey - VocalsBrian McAlpin - GuitarsDan Rock - GuitarsWard Evens - BassNorm Leggio - DrumsTracklist:Progressive Metal from San Diego Ca -Aslan - (US) Demo 861. To Chase The Stars 04:43 2. No Glory 05:45 3. Spiral Tower 05:32...
by Demo Series on Jun 1, 2010

Valkyrie (Hol) - Deeds Of Prowess (Demo)

*Artist: Valkyrie *Album: Deeds Of Prowess [demo] *Year: 1986*Genre: Epic Heavy Metal*Country: Netherlands *Format: mp3@CBR320kbps*Size: 61MBTracklist:1. The Ride Of The Valkyries 5:422. The Master Of Death 5:133. Ancient Steel 5:584. Battlefield O...
by Demo Series on Apr 15, 2009

Angel Dust - Demo

*Artist: Angel Dust *Album: Demo [demo] *Year: 1986*Genre: Speed Metal*Country: Germany *Format: mp3@CBR192kbps*Size: 23MBTracklist:1. Legions of Destruction 05:302. Marching for Revenge 04:423. Into the Dark Past 06:18******************************...
by Demo Series on Apr 2, 2009

Dio - Intermission (Ep)

*Artist: Dio *Album: Intermission*Year: 1986*Genre: Heavy Metal*Country: U.K.*Format: mp3@128*Size: 31 Мб.Tracklist:1. King Of Rock And Roll2. Rainbow In The Dark3. Sacred Heart4. Time To Burn5. Rock'N'Roll Children6. We Rock******************
by Demo Series on Nov 3, 2008

Sanctuary - Demo 1986 (Demo)

*Artist: Sanctuary *Album: Demo 1986 [demo]*Year: 1986*Genre: Power/Thrash Metal*Country: USA*Format: mp3@128*Size: 7 Мб.Tracklist:01. Insane 03:5802. Incubus 04:25*************************Total playing time: 08:23Download LinkPass : http://demo-se...
by Demo Series on Nov 3, 2008

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