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NAKEDFOOD Taipei – Vegan Raw Food Restaurant

NAKEDFOOD Taipei is a raw food and wine restaurant. Their food philosophy: A healthy life should be artful, but also full of flavor and satisfaction. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Apr 24, 2016

Taipei Theme Restaurants – Friends Central Park Cafe

The latest to join Taipei's theme restaurant craze is the newly opened Central Park Cafe, a replica coffee shop that is based on the TV show Friends. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Jul 8, 2015

Whalen’s – Home Style Canadian Cooking in Taipei

Whether you're looking for comfort food, easy family style dining, or a North American style brunch in Taipei, Whalen's will have what you're looking for. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Nov 10, 2014

The Best Restaurants in Taipei – Our Favorites!

I've often said that eating is a national past time in Taiwan. There is no shortage of Taipei restaurants to choose from, and you can find everything from simple Taiwanese dishes to five-star international cuisine all over the city. Eating out in Tai...
by My Several Worlds on Jan 29, 2014

Looking for Unique Travel Adventures in Taipei?

There are no shortage of things to do in Taipei; this is a city that never sleeps. There's always something going on, new restaurants opening up and beautiful expo events to attend. While many travelers are generally focused on seeking out the city's...
by My Several Worlds on Aug 31, 2013

My Visit to the World’s First Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan

Carrie visits the world's first ever Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan is home to a number of theme restaurants including the Modern Toilet Bowl Restaurant and the Hello Kitty Cafe.
by My Several Worlds on Apr 2, 2013

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