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doodle frames

Several months ago I purchased a Dremel wood burning tool, but besides playing around with burning some scrap pieces of wood I still hadn't found a satisfying project on which to use it.Even more months before buying the wood burning tool I bought so...
by the crafty cpa on Feb 17, 2013

return on creativity: free motion embroidery herb pillow

A few weeks ago I made a daffodil pillow using a free motion embroidery technique.  I decided to make an herb pillow using the same font and technique as the daffodil pillow.  I'm still perfecting my technique, but I think it looks very rus...
by the crafty cpa on Mar 5, 2012

return on creativity: new pillow cover ideas

I made some new pillows for my shop using black fabric paint.  The all is well pillow was inspired by three word sayings like "Life is good" or "Live Laugh Love".  I hand painted the words and then sewed red felt applique accents in the loo...
by the crafty cpa on Feb 28, 2012

return on creativity: fabric napkin rings

Fabric napkin rings are a great idea for using up scraps of fabric that you love.Here's how to make your own fabric napkin rings.1.  Cut two rectangles of fabric measuring nine inches by three inches for each ring.2.  Stitch two rectangles...
by the crafty cpa on Feb 26, 2012

return on creativity: daffodil pillow

It's super snowy here today, but I am ready for spring.  I made this daffodil pillow this weekend.  Daffodils are by far my favorite flower.  I love the yellow color.  I did some free motion embroidery on this pillow.  I firs...
by the crafty cpa on Feb 13, 2012

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