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krazybov #4 syndicated

The only syndicate worth being involved with is situated within the borders of Canada Land! Go subscribe.
by krazybov comics on May 31, 2011

Men in tights read krazybov #4

Evan Henry over at In Genre have put up a review of krazybov number four. Go and read it right now at this page of the interwebs. Then order your free copy from this outstanding website right here!
by krazybov comics on May 22, 2011

Bits of comic

Terry has a great blog at So good in fact that he has a review of krazybov number four!
by krazybov comics on May 1, 2011

krazybov is the Anti-Crumb

Blackguard doesn't like krazybov#4 very much. Here's his review.On a positive note, maybe he'll like number 5.
by krazybov comics on Apr 5, 2011

krazybov #4 goes coverless

PD Houston, over at the Coverless part of Renderwrx Productions, has written a review of the latest issue.Read the review here.
by krazybov comics on Mar 18, 2011

JL on #4

That's JL for John Lees and he's written an in depth review of issue four over at his blog John Lees Comics.If you were thinking of getting your free copy delivered but weren't sure what you'd be getting then John will put you right.Cheers John!
by krazybov comics on Mar 6, 2011

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