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by Wanna Smile on May 27, 2009

Stupid Elephant that rapes a Rhinocerous! Lolx

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by Ms Chor Lor on May 25, 2009

Day 122, Guwahati [Wednesday 2nd April 2008]

We arrive 5 hours late into Guwahati, in Assam, at 11.30am. We pass the smouldering remains of a slum beside the railway tracks, a disturbing site. We later find out that the fire in the slum was started by a mosquito coil, and went on to cause som...
by Travelling India on Apr 12, 2009

Day 123, Kaziranga [Thursday 3rd April 2008]

Our alarm goes off at 4.45am, waking us up for 'bed tea' delivered by one of the lodge staff. At 5.10am we get a jeep into Kaziranga National Park, where we then transfer onto the back of an elephant to go on safari! The elephant lumbers through th...
by Travelling India on Apr 12, 2009

Chitwan National Park: “If we see a tiger, we are quiet and meet him eye to eye.”

“If the rhino runs, we must run in a zig zag or climb a tree.” We shuffled our feet nervously in the leaves on the jungle floor. “If we see a bear then do not run. You run, bear run faster. Do not climb. You climb, bear climb
by Purl Interrupted on Dec 8, 2008

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