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پاڪستان کي مالا مال ڪندڙ ”سنڌ ڌرتي“ ۽ ”سنڌ جو عوام“

پاڪستان کي مالا مال ڪندڙ ”سنڌ ڌرتي“  ۽ ”سنڌ جو  عوام“ سونهن لڌي رستماڻي         پاڪستان جي اندر هن وقت تائين تيل ۽ گ...
by Sindh Jo Awaz on Nov 2, 2011

How to increase level of wealth

Natural resources are important asset for low-income countries. According to World Bank, close to one-third of the wealth of low-income countries comes from their natural capital which includes forests, protected areas, agricultural lands, energy and...
by iip albanjary's blog on May 20, 2011

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