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Strong Museum Butterfly Habitat

You may recall from my earlier post how much Noah enjoyed the Strong children's museum in Rochester, NY. Well, these were taken inside their butterfly habitat. Inside the Strong Museums butterfly habitat are hundreds of butterflies and all kinds. As...
by Mommy Travels on Jan 8, 2014

An induced fission reaction.

 A neutron is absorbed by a uranium-235 nucleus, turning it briefly into an excited uranium-236 nucleus, with the excitation energy provided by the kinetic energy of the neutron plus the forces that bind the neutron. The uranium-236, in turn, splits...
by Impossible Possibilities on May 24, 2012

Thursday Ticket Sales (Nappy Roots, Trews, UCLA)

Cover of Reason Unless noted otherwise, the following tickets do not require presale passwords. 3rd World Rising at the BLONDIES in Detroit. Nappy Roots at the Key Club in Los Angeles, CA. An Evening with the Caverners at the Tralf in Buffalo, NY.
by TicketStumbler on Jan 8, 2009

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