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Southern College Girl + Ecletic/Rustic/DIY Style = A COOL Little Apartment

Well Hello there!  Are you ready for a new year?I was thinking about the MANY loose ends I had,which made me think about drafts I had written but never posted here.(I just hate when I do that)Anyway, most of them were pretty silly but since I ge...

Hey! Watch This!

     Well this weekend saw those Morris Blue Devils finish out the regular season 8-0, and gain some momentum heading into the playoffs with a 26-6 win over Cleveland.  That would be Cleveland, Alabama not Cleveland, Ohio, bu...
by The Uber Dad Chronicles on Oct 27, 2013

The SEC: One smoking blonde, a bunch of 5s or 6s, and three super-ugly women

Every time you meet a SEC fan, you get them droning talking about the 'awesome power of the SEC'.Now, don't get me wrong, I love the SEC. From Georgia's beautiful stadium to the roaring parties of Death Valley to the Grove to Nashville to the Man of...
by The View From North America on Oct 20, 2013

The Uber Prognosticator: My Picks for Week 3 (Because I Can!)

     I know what you're thinking:  Football picks?  Isn't that a little bit off topic for this blog? is, but I can kinda do what I want around here.  There's really no rules to this blogging stuff.&n...
by The Uber Dad Chronicles on Sep 8, 2013

Failing To Wrap Up: Why The Missed Tackle Has To Be a CFB stat

Every time I watch college football, we go crazy at the amount of missed tackles that happen.OK, we can understand the beautiful little juke from Johnny Manziel that leaves two in-momentum Alabama defenders with their knees broken - and half a second...
by The View From North America on May 16, 2013

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