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Resolving “nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet.” flood message in dmesg Linux kernel log

On many busy servers, you might encounter in /var/log/syslog or dmesg kernel log messages like nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet to appear repeatingly: [1737157.057528] nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet. [1737157.160357] nf_conntrack:...

Boost local network performance (Increase network thoroughput) by enabling Jumbo Frames on GNU / Linux

So what is Jumbo Frames? and why, when and how it can increase the network thoroughput on Linux? Jumbo Frames are Ethernet frames with more than 1500 bytes of payload. They can carry up to 9000 bytes of payload. Many Gigabit switches and network card...

latest Edimax BR-6675nD Wireless Router

Edimax Technology, the world's leading provider of advanced network communication and IP surveillance products, today announced the launch of the BR-6675nD 450Mbps Wireless Concurrent Dual-Band Gigabit iQ Router in India.The Edimax BR-6675nD iQ route...

Rockler St. Patricks Day Sale

Get $10 off any purchase over $75   Not a bad deal if you are getting ready to make a purchase. I am getting this to put in a woodpecker lift.
by The Router Maniac on Feb 26, 2012

How Do You Choose to Take Your Data With You?

It used to be that mobile internet access was limited to business executives with fancy Blackberry phones. The rest of us were limited to the leash of the blue internet cable, or if we were lucky, within the range of a Wi-Fi wireless router. Times ha...

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