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Plan Corporate Events

In case you have been assigned the duty of planning for corporate events, be sure you cowl all the issues important for the party. Listed here are some useful ideas: 1. Tackle the why, what, how, who, the place and when questions. You should know the...
by Danielle Business on Nov 11, 2011

RSVP Advice

Oh the RSVPs! They're exciting then stressful and sometimes confusing. We spend so much time keeping track of them and adding them up right before the wedding. I want to put my two cents in on this hot topic before I wrap up this blog. I know I've wr...
by Genevieve's Wedding on Jun 23, 2011

Open Question: I replied "maybe" to an event on Facebook, and the RSVPs are in. Now its not showing up on my profile!?

Sorry, I could not read the content fromt this page.View the original article here...
by Login To Facebook on Mar 15, 2011

RSVP Statistics

What percent of invited guests RSVP yes? What % RSVP no? I'm putting my guest list together and I'm curious, what percentage, on average, of a guest list, will RSVP no. I don't want to invite too few (there's a room minimum), but I don't want t...
by Genevieve's Wedding on Jan 30, 2011

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