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TIPSY MISS Pineapple & Spiced Rum Cocktail

I've been playing with egg cocktails for the last few weeks and using up this truckload of fresh pineapples and eggs given to me by a friend. In the last 16 days I've made numerous pineapple and/or egg cocktails including my Pineapple Pisco Sour, a G...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Feb 20, 2015

Captain Morgan Launches Three New Rums

Captain Morgan just released three new flavored rums: Captain Morgan Pineapple, Captain Morgan Coconut and Captain Morgan Grapefruit. This product expansion comes on the heels of last year’s Captain Morgan White Rum. Each new expression is a bl...
by Cocktail Enthusiast on Feb 10, 2015


JAMAICAN WIND Ingredients:1 1/2 oz Myer's Dark Rum1/2 oz KahluaFill a Rocks glass with ice.  Add the ingredients and stir.
by How to Make a Great Cocktail on Jan 23, 2015


MONKEY WRENCH Ingredients:3 oz light Rum4 oz Grapefruit juiceFill a highball glass with ice.  Pour in the ingredients and stir.
by How to Make a Great Cocktail on Jan 13, 2015

My first Eggnog and Happy Christmas (Orthodox)!

Well, certainly I know that my American ilk posted their exciting entries about Eggnog all December long and have already forgotten about this drink, but I, as a matter of fact, have an excuse. Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink, isn’t it? So,...
by Science Of Drink on Jan 6, 2015

Miracle on 9th Street in NYC – have a cocktail with Bad Santa!

Holiday music non-stop, super boozy drinks, and it looks like Christmas threw up in here! Pure love! Miracle on 9th Street in NYC is so much win! This pop up bar concept that is all things Christmas, and Hanukkah too, … Continue reading →...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Dec 23, 2014

Parce 8 Year Old Rum Review

Parce is a new rum brand that’s produced in Colombia by a father-son distilling duo. Parce currently offers two expressions–an 8 year old rum and a 12 year old rum. Both are distilled from three different sugarcane varieties and then aged...
by Cocktail Enthusiast on Dec 22, 2014

Cranberry Cake with Warm Butter Rum Sauce and Sugared Cranberries

Still looking for that perfect Christmas dessert? I think I may be able to help! I have so many old recipes in the archives of pages I’ve saved from when this blog was just a simple website; I keep thinking one day I will get them all included...
by Creative Culinary on Dec 22, 2014

Frittelle di mele – Petronilla

-Inverno- Se appartenete anche voi a quella fitta schiera di mamme che, seguendo certi precetti dell’igiene, non voglio caricare con troppa carne gli stomachi dei loro ragazzi, e se volestequindi, qualche volta, preparare per la cena un piatto...
by *ieri & oggi in cucina* on Dec 21, 2014

Ricetta passo passo della Crostata di mele al cioccolato con crema mascarpone al rum

Crostata al cioccolato con crema mascarpone al rum   Ingredienti: 320g di farina 25g di cacao amaro in polvere 190g di burro 200g di zucchero la scorza grattugiata di un limone non trattato 1 uovo 5 tuorli 800g di mele Golden 2 bustine di vanill...
by Cosa cucino oggi on Dec 5, 2014

Eggnog Pancakes with Cinnamon Nutmeg Rum Swirl

These easy and fun eggnog pancakes have a swirl of cinnamon nutmeg rum brown sugar cooked right into them! I’m on the fence when it comes to eggnog. I want to like, with it’s rich nutmeg flavor and holiday ambiance that inevitably comes with a po...
by Eat the Love on Dec 1, 2014


I can't let one more Halloween go by without a nod to my youth and one of the most iconic rock bands of the Flower Power generation, The Grateful Dead.Yes, my fellow Deadheads, below is your passport back to the past, The Perfect Trip - cocktail styl...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Oct 28, 2014

The Halloween Express – Rum, Espresso, Maple Syrup and Half and Half

OK, naming drinks is not my forte but I thought it appropriate to make a play on words on this night when we have to keep our mojo going far longer than we might normally want to. Yes there is espresso, in fact this Halloween Express has rum, espress...
by Creative Culinary on Oct 17, 2014

The 1492 Cocktail for Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day!I just tried this cocktail out yesterday and really liked it so, since today is Columbus Day, it's now The 1492.Seriously, it has nothing to do with Columbus except sailors liked rum, but it's good and worth a holiday!THE 14921-1/2...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Oct 13, 2014

Castagne al rum

Preparazione Sbucciate le castagne e gettatele in acqua bollente. Cuocetele per 15 minuti, scolatele e togliete loro la pellicina cercando di non romperle. Immergetele in uno sciroppo che avrete preparato con 500 gr. di zucchero e 180 gr. d’acq...
by *ieri & oggi in cucina* on Oct 12, 2014

Rum Punch Recipes for National Punch Day

Recently, we sampled Selvarey Rum, a new player from Panama that’s producing two products: Selvarey White and Selvarey Cacao. They’re good. So when the time came to make some rum punches for National Punch Day (it’s September 20th,...
by Cocktail Enthusiast on Sep 19, 2014


With yesterday being National Talk Like A Pirate Day and today being National Rum Punch Day a really rousing ration of rum is definitely called for and this TRIPLE RUM PUNCH is the answer.Loaded to the yardarm with THREE rums sweetened up with tropic...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Sep 19, 2014

Tiki Night @ 320 – The Re-Re-Re-Re-Tikiing

I could write a lot about it, or just post this… That’s right. The Earth has completed yet another circle around the Sun God and he demands his offerings of fruit juices and rum. This year we’re doing it more OC style with myself, K...
by on Aug 15, 2014


LECTRIC LEMONADE Ingredients:1/2 oz Vodka1/2 oz Gin1/2 oz light Rum1/2 oz Triple Sec1/2 oz Tequila2 - 3 oz sour mix7-UpFill a mixing glass with ice.  Add all the ingredients except the 7-Up.  Shake and pour into a collins glass.  Top...
by How to Make a Great Cocktail on Jul 23, 2014


KIALOA Ingredients:1 oz Kahlua1 oz cream1/2 oz Mount Gay RumFill a mixing glass with ice.  Add the ingredients and swirl.  Strain into a Rocks glass and add ice.
by How to Make a Great Cocktail on Jul 15, 2014

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