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Are Links Necessary After Panda and Penguin Updates?

 Are links necessary after Panda and Penguin updates? Google Panda and Penguin are updates on Google’s algorithm in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Both were released with the aim to remove “thin sites” from the top of search results. The mos...
by Free Articles Directory on Oct 9, 2012

Salesforce Launches World’s Most Comprehensive Suite for Social Marketing

Salesforce announced today the launch of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the first suite that unifies social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation and measurement. This suite offers CMO’s the possibility to l...
by Social Views on Sep 30, 2012 by ankitrustagi

As a start we need to be educated on SFDC triggers from an expert ,when best to and when not use them; considerations for trigger context variables--actions to occur before or after, as in before insert,... (Budget: min $50 USD, Jobs:
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Aug 11, 2012

Company emails by tomitu

looking for 25 million USA company emails with these MINIMUM fields: firstname, lastname, title, company, email, city, state, phone Email MUST NOT end with,,,, or other free email service.... (Budget: $2...
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Aug 8, 2012

Cloud Applications Which Will Boost Your Productivity

One of the biggest today`s any business concern is work flow, or how to improve productivity with less working time. Don`t you ask yourself at the end of everyday, noticing that your productivity was low than expected: "what did I do today?" Is time...

Web crawler/data scraper for multiple websites by cav33901

I need to have a crawler built that scrapes data from three different websites and stores the data in a database that can eventually work in conjunction with an App I'm building on the platform... (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: .NET, Da...
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Jul 19, 2012

INVOICING iphone/android/web Simple database+web-service based app by mariobrondo

Hello! I need to develop a very simple app for ios, android, web; I just have no time and my poor abilities could make this quite long if I do it myself! So: It is a simple invoicing system. It shall... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: .NET, Androi...
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Jul 14, 2012

Software / email Programming by usathreadz

We need to develop a Program that will keep information for each email that is sent see sample Attached (Budget: $30-$50 USD, Jobs: AJAX, CRM, PHP,, Website Design)...
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Jul 14, 2012

Goodbye Duplicate Leads

In order to properly get my business off the ground, I have to heavily rely on leads. These leads come from third parties and you expect them to be perfect. The problem with getting leads this way is they are not always unique. So you spend time tryi...
by Snag A Bargain on Jul 13, 2012

SalesNexus releases “7 Reasons SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing is Smarter Than”

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) June 26, 2012 SalesNexus today released a 7 point report on reasons sales teams say SalesNexus CRM Software and Email Marketing solution is a smarter decision than SalesNexus Customer Relationship Manageme...

Co-browsing and future of CAD design collaboration?

Experience. We love this word nowadays. I can hear many discussions about "experience" these days. The last five years of computing and web shown that "experience" is actually very important. The examples are going from iPod and mobil...
by Daily PLM Think Tank on Jul 10, 2012

10 Great Companies are Built by ‘Alumni’ of Apple

It's no secret if Apple is consumed by people with high talent. But not always great people that settled in Apple, if they were deemed old enough to leave your comfort zone and opens his own company.

Sage ACT Premium 2012 Custom Design by kimosrolling

Need someone who can customize ACT Premium 2012. We will need custom fields created. There will be about 40-50 custom fields and we need you to create about 15 custom reports or lookups. We will provide you the spreadsheet with all column headings...
by Politeknik LP3I Bandung on Jul 10, 2012

Social Media Reading Material, July 3, 2012

Analysis: Why Buying Yammer Makes Sense for Microsoft Clout vs. Klout – Or the Real Meaning of Social Influence Social Media as a Customer     The first article is a good read about Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer and the d...
by A True Contrarian on Jul 3, 2012

A New App for Gmail to Salesforce Integration

With the new Cirrus Path application, integrating gmail and salesforce has never been easier!
by friday coming soon on May 16, 2012

Is Social Proximity More Important Than Geographic Proximity in Sales?

Reachable CEO explores social proximity, geographic proximity in sales and how his company can help expand professional reach.
by friday coming soon on May 10, 2012

Tibbr: A Social Network for Enterprise

Tibbr is the very first social platform that is particularly created for the workplace to get the right information find you. Its basic premise it to reduce all the chatter and distractions that comes with traditional social networks. It makes you fo...
by StartupTunes on Mar 21, 2012

There's a Rypple in the Water: Living Social's Success with Social HR

Rypple: Think project management software meets SharePoint delivered as a service, and Living Social loves it.
by friday coming soon on Mar 21, 2012

Salesforce and why PLM vendors need to be concerned?

If you following cloud news and especially what is up to, you probably noticed this announcement – is launching a new service called You can read more about this announcementhere. What was my immediate rea...
by Daily PLM Think Tank on Mar 18, 2012

Free Webinar: Using Assessments to Hire and Develop a Winning Sales Team

Many of our clients have expressed the desire to learn more about how our assessment solutions can help them hire and develop a top performing sales team. In response, we have scheduled a 45 minute webinar to share some new … Continue reading &...
by Talent Management on Mar 4, 2012

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