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ROD STEWART: 'Twistin the Night Away' - 1973

by The Reaganite Republican on Mar 9, 2016

Viernes dando la nota: Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)

Podéis conocer o no al intérprete de la canción que os traigo hoy por aquí, pero de lo que sí estoy segura es de que la habéis escuchado más de una vez. Y es que es un clásico y una apuesta directa a promover vuestro buen humor. Se trata de...
by Mimos para mamá on Apr 24, 2015


How to make a Monday a happyday: Leon Bridges.Man oh man, it's been a while since my socks were blown off, blown all the way back to the golden era of 50s gospel-soul. With similar sounds to Michael Kiwanuka and Gary Clark Jnr, Bridges is produc...
by HUNGRY DRUMS on Oct 19, 2014

Breaking News From 1964 - Sam Cooke Shot Dead At Age 33

Sam Cooke was fatally shot at the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles, Ca. Apparently Cooke was intoxicated and distressed when he approached the manger of the hotel and the manager shot him in self-defense. Sam Cooke is best known for hits "You Send...
by The Fresh Music Page on Aug 4, 2014

Sam Cooke - Wonderful World (letra en inglés y traducción al español)

Siguiendo el guion marcado por Diego A. Manriqueen Jinetes En La Tormenta, este lunes tenemos la oportunidad de traer a este blog a un cantante que es un ídolo y referente en los EE.UU. y que aquí como mucho lo recordaremos algunos cuarentones que...
by Corazón de Canción on Apr 28, 2014

Sam Cooke - Cupid (letra en inglés y traducción al español)

Hay jornadas en la que no hacer nada te lleva todo el día, y a pesar que por las mañanas le doy a la bici y hemos tenido el sábado el cumpleaños de mi tía Toña, me he encontrado haciendo zapping más aburrido que una mona. Pero saltando de cana...
by Corazón de Canción on Aug 26, 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Ali Campbell - Nothing ever Changes

UB40 V DA PINOWhere's my onions? ALI CAMPBELL - Nothing Ever Changes (2007)Torrievieja is on the map, UB40 were coming to town, this was a big deal for here, we don't get many live events. It was not the original band but Ali Campbell backed by...
by Tune Doctor on Aug 14, 2013

Beyoncé Dedicates ” A Change Is Going To Come” To Detroit

Detroit has been going through a whole lot over the past few years. One of the problems being violence and another one being bankruptcy. Detroit’s debt is estimated to be around $18-20 billion, making it the largest bankruptcy filing for a city in...
by The MikeyLately Show on Jul 22, 2013

Morning Cup of Soul: Sam Cooke - One More Time

Sam CookeHere is a great song from "The Man that Invented Soul" Mr. Sam Cooke. What can I say? Sam was the man and his music still lives. A very nice love song where Sam is crooning to his love.Click For More>...
by The Fresh Music Page on Jun 28, 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Neville Brothers/Sam Cooke - A Changes is Gonna Come

-WEDNESDAY CLUB - do you believe in coincidence?-a change is gonna come! NEVILLE BROTHERS - A Change is Gonna Come (1989)The Neville Brothers album Yellow Moon from 1989 was one of my favourites of that year. Arron Neville has a voice made in he...
by Tune Doctor on May 7, 2013


Over the Past Several Months I have been Featuring 11 Different Soul Singers in my "Who's The Greatest Soul Singer" Poll, there has been 335 Votes so Far, and if you are Not One of them Voter's, Please Vote Now! (over to your Right). The Eleven Soul...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on May 6, 2013


The Date was around Late Summertime of 1988, the Takeaway Trade Never really picked up too much during that Summer, and things were getting Worse, Trade was Dropping and in turn that Meant I was Making Hardly any Money, and I can Remember the Takeawa...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on Mar 5, 2013

Damn Sam Is Fine

This lady is so fucking hot I think I will just leave these right here for you all to look at it. My tongue is hanging out and well something is growing. The typing can wait.  Oh yeah, btw this is her 2013 calendar. Ya like?
by n-yo-face on Dec 17, 2012


The Date was Christmas Time 1987, incidentally Exactly 25 Years ago to this Date! The Picture to the left (its a bit Blurry) is the Actual Takeaway now, some 25 Years later, its still going as a Chinese Takeaway these Days! I had just Closed the Ne...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on Dec 16, 2012

i know that someday you want me to want you, when i’m in love with somebody new. you expect me to be true and to keep on loving you although i am blue, you think i can’t forget you.

Fresh fish and chips on newspaper by Murray Mitchell. via The Black Workshop.
by die young, stay pretty. on Oct 13, 2012


In this Series of Posts, I will writing about the Artist's who are in My "Greatest Ever Soul Singer of All-Time" Poll.  The Poll is over to the Right of the Blog, it has been Running for a Couple of Weeks now, so if You haven't alrea...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on Aug 20, 2012


In this Series of Posts, I will writing about the Artist's who are in My "Greatest Ever Soul Singer of All-Time" Poll.  The Poll is over to the Right of the Blog, it has been Running for a Couple of Weeks now, so if You haven'...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on Jul 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Vault: Sam Cooke--You Send Me (1957)

     Because of his long life and continued presence in the spotlight, Ray Charles is considered by many the father of soul music. While this technically may be true, it was another giant who gave it legitimacy beyond the clubs. B...

SAMPLE SUNDAY: Common’s The Food

Here’s one of my favorite tracks by Common entitled The Food, featuring Kanye West. The track consists of two samples from two tracks that if it wasn’t for this song, would never come up in … Read More →...

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