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Samsung Galaxy S2 upgrade

  The Samsung mobiles has been launched its various Coltsfoot program manoeuvrable sound in the industry with new technology and connectivity features. But its most fashionable sound of Samsung Herb S2 has been upgraded with new code Humanoid 2.3...
by Just Technology on Sep 4, 2012

with Dual core processor Samsung Galaxy S2 comes

Turning in engineering is requisite because we are getting near wellborn of devices by turning. The humans started its turning in profession with introducing mobiles. The use of the motile was heterogenous into different additional comedian. Now afte...
by Just Technology on Jun 14, 2012

Features and Specs of Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung mobiles are a branded manufacturing fellowship in the Asian mart, which always provides the fine wandering services for its lovers. Samsung mobiles are having well camera and communicate. Samsung Collection S2 is a touristy smartphone in the...
by Just Technology on Jun 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with Dual core processor

Revolution in technology is necessary because we are getting good quality of devices by revolution. The world started its revolution in technology with introducing mobiles. The use of the mobile was diversified into various other fields. Now after th...
by Just Technology on May 10, 2012

Samsung sold over more than 5 million “Galaxy S II” smartphones in mere 85 days

The beloved Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has touched yet another benchmark. Samsung has now consigned over 5 million “Galaxy S II” smartphones and even then, the number of models shipped are not same as the number of phones actually been sold...
by Seventhscorpion Blog on Aug 7, 2011

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