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14 Energy Saving Tips On Doing Your Laundry

Doing laundry is a common weekly routine for many of us. And it costs some of our money especially in households that uses machines. In this article, I will share some energy saving tips on doing your laundry so you can keep your electric bill to a m...
by CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop on Aug 14, 2016

Career Opportunities in Power Saving Energy Solutions

Career Opportunities in Power Saving Energy Solutions  Technical Sales Representative – Read More...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Mar 12, 2016

Saving Electricity with Energy Efficient Airconditioners for your Homes

Clean air is very important for our homes. However, with the rate of how the environment is constantly changing, nature is not enough to provide households with enough clean and fresh air for our homes. Here are some ideas on saving electricity with...
by My Green Living Ideas on Jan 27, 2016

Cutting Energy Costs with Your Air-Conditioning Units at Home

Every home maker dreams of generating savings from the efforts that she tries to incorporate in her daily activities at home. Knowing that you have managed to save a considerable amount from the adjustments and savings tips that you have applied at h...
by My Green Living Ideas on Dec 19, 2015

Creating the Beautiful Backyard Landscaping with Your Own Creative Ideas

Backyard landscaping is not just positioning plants in your backyard. While your front yard landscaping is generally going to be about other people and what they see, your backyard landscaping is all about you. Backyard landscapes are one of the most...
by Interior Decor Tips on Nov 24, 2015

Check Out My First Experience Cooking on Induction With an Inexpensive Induction Burner I Just Bought at Aldi’s

I paid just $39.99 for this 1800 watt Induction Burner at Aldi this week.Induction cooking is something I have been wondering about for a while.  Currently, I use an electric stove and oven.  However, this form is supposed to work as fast a...
by Nuts 4 Stuff on Oct 25, 2015

Stylish Homes and Cheaper Living: 5 Eco Upgrades for Your Property

  The thought of living in an eco friendly manner may fill you with dread. The immediate picture tends to be a life of no electricity and basic clothing, devoid... The post Stylish Homes and Cheaper Living: 5 Eco Upgrades for Your Property appea...
by Stagetecture on Sep 2, 2015

How An Energy Management System Can Benefit Your Business

If you are looking to reduce the energy costs in your industrial or commercial business, it may be time to consider an Energy Management System (EMS). An Energy Management System is a methodical and efficient process for constant improvement of energ...
by Schaffhouser Electric Company on Aug 11, 2015

Tiny Treehouse House Tour

 Tiny houses are all the rage. They are cute, twee, and have a ridiculously small carbon footprint. What could be better? How about a tiny house built in a tree that's a little B and B? That...
by Condo Blues on Jul 16, 2015

FREE Energy-Saving Trees

Are you looking to cut the costs of your energy bills by 20%? The Energy-Saving Trees program is an initiative to help homeowners save on their bills, while making a positive impact on the environment. You will need to check to see if your utility co...
by My Free Product Samples on May 19, 2015

Home Improvement: Energy Saving Tips for the Cold

Winters make us think the obvious every year-Ways to keep ourselves warm! ‘Warm houses’ translate into ‘warm us’ and ‘warm us’ translate into ‘happy&sheltered us’.  Winterizing our homes not only helps us keep... The post Home...
by Stagetecture on Mar 12, 2015

Lighting Retrofit – The Best Way to Save Money on Electricity

Do you remember those initiatives about turning off the lights when you left a room? The idea was that when you switched off the lights, you were able to decrease energy consumption and save money. Well–no surprise to us–it really works!
by Schaffhouser Electric Company on Feb 24, 2015

Energy saving measures in the Bedroom

Energy savings can be started from anywhere, including from your own home. Saving energy is not only indirectly making a positive impact on the environment, but also have an impact on household spending. To start energy saving measures in the home, c...
by Interior room design on Jan 30, 2015

How much energy can LED lighting save?

  Disclosure: This is a paid for infographic from LED Planet. The post How much energy can LED lighting save? appeared first on You Baby Me Mummy.
by You Baby Me Mummy on Dec 5, 2014

Give New Look to Your Kitchen with Installing Modern Stoves Design

This is one thing you must know about how to renew your kitchen design, with a stove which I think is called modern stoves at this point. Of all the equipment, large and small, located in the kitchen, a kitchen stove is on the top of the list. Withou...
by Home Design Ideas on Oct 27, 2014

DIY Duct Tape Decorated Flash Drive

When any of The Ten has a USB flash drive on their back to school shopping lists, they know they can count on Aunt Lisa, The World’s Most Fabulous Aunt ™ for a freebie. I always have spare thumb...
by Condo Blues on Aug 19, 2014

Energy Saving Techniques in Cooling Towers

If a cooling tower is installed on your site/office/working location, then you must be concerned about the consumption of electricity by the equipment. If you’re, the here are some points to remember which may help you cut energy cost to come...
by Cooling Tower Solutions on Aug 18, 2014

Sustainable Traveling Tips: Ways to Green your Next Vacation

Summers are finally upon us, and it’s time to jet off on a summer vacation. But this season, let’s make a difference by ensuring that our trip is as eco-friendly... The post Sustainable Traveling Tips: Ways to Green your Next Vacation appeared fi...
by Stagetecture on Jun 18, 2014

30 Basic Things to Carry in Your Car for Summer Emergencies

Summer means more road trips and time in the car. We visit family, go to dog parks with Lacey, and outdoor events.  With all of that extra time in the car, we sometimes run into little emergencies...
by Condo Blues on Jun 16, 2014

16 Easy DIY Projects for Beginners

I think the best gift you can give someone lacking self confidence is a hammer. No. Not to make themselves feel better by hitting other people with it, but to use it to build or fix something....
by Condo Blues on May 7, 2014

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