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2 “water conditioning” will “heat island” Jiefangbei cooling – heat pumps, energy saving – heat pump industry

by BasBoerman Jiefangbei a heat island effect, the average temperature than the surrounding region of about 2 . What technology can do Jiefangbei regional cooling? River from Chongqing Water Source Heat Pump Energy Technology learned that the company...
by apple apple on Aug 3, 2012

3 Green & Cost Saving Ways to Keep your Home Cool

Entry #1432, August 2, 2012 The summer heat brings discomfort and inconvenience to everyone.  Whether you have air conditioning or not, trying to bring coolness to your home and reduce your energy bill are top priorities for many. Running your air c...
by Stagetecture on Aug 2, 2012

Making Your Kitchen Appliances Environmentally Friendly

Guest Blogger #525, Entry #1186, May 18, 2012 While “saving” and “less” are key concepts associated with going green, there is no need for individuals to deprive themselves. When it comes to making one’s kitchen appliances environmentally f...
by Stagetecture on May 18, 2012

Review: Hydros Filtering Water Bottle

One of the many items that I snagged to review on my day at GreenFest NY was the Hydros Water Bottle. I’ve been in the market for a filtering water bottle for a little while, so I was happily surprised when I came across the Hydros Table at the eve...
by Savvy Brown on May 5, 2012

Water Saving at home – Very Simple Tips

Have you ever imagine if water supply decreased? So many activites can’t be done easily, disease are coming and other bad impact due to that condition. Unfortunately, it’s not a movie scenario. Currently, due to wasteful water usage and decrease...
by Stop Global Warming on Apr 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012 – A Billion Acts of Green – What are You Doing?

Entry #1112, April 22, 2012 Happy Earth Day 2012! This year the Earth Day Network is participating in a One Billion Acts of Green campaign. Everyone across the world can pledge an “act of green” that they are going to do in their local ev...
by Stagetecture on Apr 22, 2012

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