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5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Tax Deductible

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Tax Deductible Nobody really likes doing their own taxes, especially if they know they’ll owe the IRS money. Unlike taxes, though, everyone likes saving money. So... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my w...
by Saver in the CIty on Dec 6, 2016

21 Days to Positive Money Habits

It is an accepted part of self-help wisdom that it takes twenty-one days to develop a new habit and make it stick. This has been found to be true in weight loss, smoking cessation, reducing alcohol consumption, and many other regimens designed to cre...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Dec 6, 2016

BevRAGE: How to Get Cash Back on Alcohol

If you enjoy a drink out at the bar from time to time you know how expensive it can be. An alcoholic beverage at a bar can rage anywhere from $2 to $15 per drink. Beers like bottled Bud Light seem to be a bit cheaper but what if you want to have a co...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Dec 5, 2016

How to Balance Time and Money

Contents from freedom 35 blog. ( Finding the Appropriate Work-Life Balance Benjamin Franklin once said that “time is money.” I think he was being metaphorical. Otherwise ATMs would also be called time machin...
by Freedom 35 Blog on Dec 5, 2016

Top 50 Current Affairs Question Answer November 2016

In this Post We Have Updated the Top 50 Current Affairs Question Answer November 2016. All Questions are very Important... The post Top 50 Current Affairs Question Answer November 2016 appeared first on
by gkquestionbank on Dec 3, 2016

Top 5 Ways To Save At Christmas

Tips for Keeping Christmas Affordable Yet Beautiful The Christmas season is rapidly approaching. Can you have a wonderful holiday while keeping your expenses down? Of course, you can. All it takes is willpower – and a plan. If you are having troubl...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Dec 2, 2016

Sectoral Balances and Private Saving

With permission from Being Libertarian, I am reposting an important exclusive piece I wrote that lays out some fundamental changes in how I’ve come to understand the functioning of a fiat money economy, and its economic implications on debt, de...
by on Dec 1, 2016

Cutting Down on Energy Waste – Efficient Use of Resources

Did you know that energy mismanagement is the reason why many businesses pay more than they need to pay for energy? ... The post Cutting Down on Energy Waste – Efficient Use of Resources appeared first on Schaffhouser Electric.
by Schaffhouser Electric Company on Nov 30, 2016

A Real-Life Example Why Every Homeowner Needs a Hefty Emergency Fund

Believe it or not, a recent survey found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1000 in savings. And while I can at least partially understand why those living on very tight budgets may have trouble accumulating a large amount of savings, I fa...
by Len Penzo dot Com on Nov 29, 2016

Seasonal Cooking – Turkey Dinner

As the Holidays roll around, turkey makes its way up the list of popular family meals.  What brings back more festive memories than a classic turkey dinner with all the trimmings: stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, etc?  Anoth...
by Spirit of Saving on Nov 24, 2016

Holiday Shopping Without Breaking the Bank

Once Halloween comes and goes, stores quickly trade their spider-webs and ghosts for fake snow, bells and candy canes.  As the weather gets colder, we start planning for the Holiday season and remembering happy memories of years past, spent surround...
by Spirit of Saving on Nov 6, 2016

12 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Exercise

Getting into shape doesn’t have to mean hiring a personal trainer, paying for an expensive gym membership or spending 10-15$ for a single yoga class or CrossFit session.  If you genuinely want to exercise to get in shape or maintain your fitness l...
by Spirit of Saving on Nov 1, 2016

The Christie Oreo Factory – A World of Savings

Walking down Viau street, you probably realize you are surrounded by some of Montreal’s biggest landmarks and attractions, but there is likely one you aren’t aware of.  On the corner of Viau and Sherbrooke streets lies the Christie Factory.  Di...
by Spirit of Saving on Oct 16, 2016

Tips to Save on Big Ticket Items

I spend so much time trying to save a little bit of money here and there and trying to buy as little as possible, and then there are big purchases that come up, whether it’s a computer or TV, a dining room table or bedroom furniture, making me feel...
by Spirit of Saving on Oct 5, 2016

Seasonal Cooking: Apples

by Spirit of Saving on Sep 29, 2016

Meal Planning to Save Money on Groceries

Whether you like it or not, we all have to eat. Which is why a large part of any budget is allocated to food or groceries.  The upside, however, is that even small ways of saving money on groceries will add up at the end of the year.  One of the ea...
by Spirit of Saving on Sep 18, 2016

Budget Travel: Last-Minute Trip to Hawaii

Compared to all the other trips I’ve gone on in my life, my last big trip, to Hawaii was a very last-minute decision.  My husband and I had been planning a trip to Vietnam for nearly a year but we ended up having to cancel the trip less than a mon...
by Spirit of Saving on Sep 12, 2016

The 50/30/20 Budget Explained

There is a reason that household budgeting advice is so prevalent on the Internet. Let’s put it this way: If everyone was budgeting, there would not be a need for so much budgeting advice. And the main reason so much advice is out there is because...
by Penny Thots on Sep 6, 2016

Is It Better to Borrow From Your 401k or Take an Early Withdrawal?

In the case of a financial emergency, you might have to dip into your 401k plan to find the money you need. This is never an ideal scenario, as taking money out of such accounts can severely set back progress you’ve made in saving for retiremen...
by Len Penzo dot Com on Sep 6, 2016

How to Save Time and Simplify Your Morning Makeup Routine But Still Look Stunning!

This beauty knows how to simplify her makeup routine.If you’re running short of time or simply want to shorten how long it takes to do your makeup, you can still look polished.  All that is called for are a few small changes to your normal rou...
by Nuts 4 Stuff on Sep 2, 2016

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