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Tips for the ultimate cheeseboard

For the perfect cheeseboard, add fresh and dried fruit, nuts, chutneys as well as biscuits to your cheese selection. Continue reading Tips for the ultimate cheeseboard at Fuss Free Flavours.
by Fuss Free Flavours on Dec 14, 2016

A food styling workshop and quick mushrooms on toast

My favourite easy mushroom dish and learning the difference a few quality props can make to food photos.
by vegeTARAian on Sep 1, 2016

Quick Thai pineapple fried rice

A hearty fried rice with an excellent combo of sweet, savoury and crunch.
by vegeTARAian on Aug 22, 2016

8 simple vegetarian pasta recipes

Get your hands on some quality ingredients and whip up a hearty bowl of pasta.
by vegeTARAian on Aug 2, 2016

Everything’s Peachy with Natures Finest

It’s been one of those funny old weeks. One of those where I seem to have done a lot but I’m not actually quite sure what I actually did or achieved. All I know is that I relaxed and took... Read the latest from Crumbs and Corkscrews..
by Crumbs & Corkscrews on Jul 25, 2016

Tequila, Limes and Sun Shine…

…well there’s nearly sun shine. If you squint enough, you might just be able to see that sliver of blue sky up there between the clouds. Trust me, it’s there; and it’s July,... Read the latest from Crumbs and Corkscrews...
by Crumbs & Corkscrews on Jul 11, 2016

Forest Feast Smokin’ BBQ Flavour Crunchy Coated Peas [By @SpectreUK]

These Crunchy Coated Peas were sent to us from Forest Feast, by Kestrel Foods, in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. There are three flavours; Smokin’... This content is a summary only, visit for the full article :-)...
by Foodstuff Finds on Jul 6, 2016

The Ultimate Vegan Croissant. {Part Two – The Recipes}

Welcome back to the quest for the ultimate vegan croissant. (Find part one with tips and tricks here. Please read if you want to make this recipe.) Writing these two posts down and taking all these pictures took almos as long as making the actual cro...
by seitan is my motor on Jun 22, 2016

The Ultimate Vegan Croissant. {Part One – Tips and Tricks}

Croissants are some of the foods many of us take for granted. They seem like a lot of work, so we just buy them at the bakery. Yeah. That is unless when you are vegan. No croissants for those butter despisers, right. Because croissants need butter. A...
by seitan is my motor on Jun 21, 2016

Cuisine Companion vegan mac and cheese

Press a few buttons and hey presto, it's comfort snack time.
by vegeTARAian on Jun 16, 2016

Dilli & Wolf Super Snacks: Roasters [By @SpectreUK]

I’m always on the lookout for alternative snacks to crisps and nuts. These Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Roasted Fava Beans seemed to fit the bill.... This content is a summary only, visit for the full article :-)...
by Foodstuff Finds on Jun 8, 2016

Maple roasted pumpkin soup

Sweet and savoury come together in a hearty bowl of goodness.
by vegeTARAian on Jun 7, 2016

Build your own epic vegetarian burger

Burgers are all the rage right now so why not whip up your own mega veg version at home.
by vegeTARAian on Jun 3, 2016

Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie

I used some of that chicken I poached the other day and made a pot pie for our supper the other night.  It fave me the chance to use my new pie dish and my new Cockeral/Rooster Pie Funnel.   Its just so adorable, and well, Chicken Pot...
by The English Kitchen on Jun 2, 2016

Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato & Pine Nut Scone Fingers (with homemade sun dried tomatoes!)

Here’s a really gorgeous savoury scone recipe, which I’ve cut into fingers for the sole purpose of dunking into a nice big bowl of soup.  By all means cut these into rounds or squares instead, (in fact little round ones halved, with so...
by The Veg Space on May 11, 2016

Vegane Mayonnaise – drei Zutaten

Ich liebe Mayonnaise und könnte alles damit zukleistern. Auf ein Baguette mit Tomaten, Basilikum und gebratenem Tempeh gehört unbedingt Mayo. Zu den Pommes esse ich natürlich immer Mayo und nie Ketchup. Und manchmal mache ich einfach den Kühlschr...
by seitan is my motor on Apr 29, 2016

Three-Ingredient Vegan Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of my favourite condiments. I use it as a sandwich spread, as a dip, and of course I eat it with fries. And sometimes I eat a spoonful all by itself. There. There are a couple of vegan mayonnaises on the market and I think they are...
by seitan is my motor on Apr 29, 2016

Spicy Bacon, Cheese and Spring Onion Scones

Spicy Bacon, Cheese and Spring Onion Scones I spotted a recipe the other day for some savoury scones with spring onions and cheese in and decided as normal to adapt them in my own imaginative way! So mine became spicy bacon, cheese and spring onion s...
by Always Be A Friend on Apr 27, 2016

Vegetarian ‘sausage’ rolls

My favourite flavour-packed vegie sausage rolls made in the Cuisine Companion.
by vegeTARAian on Apr 25, 2016

Coconut Confetti Rice

I’ve made this rice a couple of times for a side and I can tell you that it is AMAZING with the Gochujang Salmon! Don’t be afraid of the jalapeno, it is not noticeably hot. It just gives depth of flavour. Coconut Confetti Rice 1 cup basm...
by on Apr 19, 2016

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