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How Closing FAO Schwarz changed NYC and the Art of Puppetry

It’s no secret to all who know me that I am a Jim Henson nerd. The Fraggles and Muppets are my closest friends and I sometimes get lost in the Labyrinth dreaming heavily of the Goblin King’s flawless cheekbones. This being said, it should...
by Fill My Passport on Aug 16, 2016

The Worlds Best Toy Stores

We have searched the world for the best toy stores.  These aren’t just good places to buy toys, these shops are an experience.  HamleysRegent Street, London, EnglandThis seven story toy store is a child’s paradise.  The store has b...
by The Travlers Insider on Aug 2, 2016

These Two Steiff Mystery Kittens Are Truly The Cat's Meow!

Sometimes Steiff treasures tip-toe in on little cat's feet. Check out this brief note from Steiff Superfan Holly, who had the great pleasure of finding and adopting these two tiny - albeit mysterious - sweethearts. She shares through a series of co...
by My Steiff LIfe on Aug 1, 2016

gefüllte Zucchini überbacken

gefüllte Zucchini überbacken auf Paprikagemüse, das Rezept mit französischer Bratwurst. Gefüllte Zucchini überbacken mit Piperade Basquaise Paprika Gemüse Rezept hier auf meinem Food Blog. Hier mit französischer scharfer Bratwurst gemacht, ab...
by Koch-Rezepte on Jul 12, 2016

Welcome To Our World Of Toys!

It's no surprise that a lot of Steiff collectors associate all things button-in-ear with F.A.O. Schwarz. After all, it was at this magical place that many youngsters first encountered Giengen's finest Teddy bears, animals, and dolls. The Schwarz b...
by My Steiff LIfe on Jun 19, 2016

This Regal Steiff Beagle Certainly Lives Up To His Name!

Hot dog! Most readers are familiar with Steiff's beloved "Biggie" Beagle model. Here's an example of this fan favorite that really merits the name. Check out this life-sized Steiff Beagle and see what makes him so interesting...
by My Steiff LIfe on Apr 24, 2016

Paws And Take A Look At These Unusual Black And White Steiff Cocker Spaniels

Sometimes things are just easier in black and white. For example, the calendar says its April, but it's snowing outside here today around these parts. So is it winter or spring? There is no ambivalence, however, when it comes to Steiff's beloved b...
by My Steiff LIfe on Apr 3, 2016

Oscar-Debatte: Charlotte Rampling findet Boykott rassistisch 

Quelle: Oscar-Debatte: Charlotte Rampling findet Boykott rassistisch – SPIEGEL ONLINE ich zitiere mal kurz: Sie findet rassistisch gegenüber Weißen, dass Will Smith und einige andere die Oscar-Verleihung boykottieren, weil niemand mit dunkler...
by Mariannes Blog on Jan 23, 2016

Claude Lanzmann, L’ultimo degli Ingiusti

di Roberto Plevano È un paragrafo del romanzo di André Schwarz-Bart L’ultimo dei giusti (Premio Goncourt 1959, trad. it. di Valerio Riva, Feltrinelli 1960). Francia non occupata, tarda estate 1941: ultimo discendente di una stirpe di rabbini...
by la poesia e lo spirito on Jan 20, 2016


Feta-Paprika-Päckchen mit einer herzhaften Vinaigrette. Das ist eine leckere und gesunde Vorspeise, gedünstete Feta-Paprika-Päckchen auch als Fingerfood zu genießen. Ich hatte noch Feta und Paprika im Haus und wollte schnell meinen Kindern was r...
by Koch-Rezepte on Dec 29, 2015

DVD Review: Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy DVD | Blu-ray Director: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala Writers: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala Cast: Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz Distributor: RADiUS Rated R | 99 Minutes Release Date: December 1, 2015 Written a...
by Geeks of Doom on Dec 1, 2015

Weissenhof Grotesk Font Family

Weissenhof Grotesk, a constructed geometric sans serif from Indian Type Foundry. The two Stuttgart, Germany based type designers Stefanie Schwarz and Dirk Wachowiak have created the Weissenhof Grotesk font family in 2015 for the Indian Type Foundry.
by WE AND THE COLOR on Nov 23, 2015

This Most Unusual Steiff Skunk Is Begging For Your Attention

It's never a good idea to see things only in black and white.  Unless of course, you are studying Steiff's wonderful skunks!  So pull out your magnifying glasses and thinking caps, and take a look at this most unusual example.  Have...
by My Steiff LIfe on Nov 22, 2015

9. April (2015) BRrip

Sinopsis: En la madrugada del 09 de abril 1940 se alertó al ejército danés que los alemanes habían cruzado la frontera; Dinamarca está en guerra contra el ejército más poderoso de Europa. Una pequeña unidad de infantería danesa tratará de c...
by on Oct 15, 2015

Schollene im Havelland – eine besondere Liebe

Nach dem Besuch des Wasserstraßenkreuzes in Magdeburg fuhren wir weiter in das schöne Havelland. Dort wohnen liebe Verwandte und seit der Kindheit, verbrachte ich dort so gut wie jeden Ferientag. Damals sind wir viel durch die Wälder gestreift, ha...
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Aug 19, 2015

9. April (2015) DVDrip

Sinopsis: En la madrugada del 09 de abril 1940 se alertó al ejército danés que los alemanes habían cruzado la frontera; Dinamarca está en guerra contra el ejército más poderoso de Europa. Una pequeña unidad de infantería danesa tratará de c...
by on Aug 10, 2015

Goodnight Mommy: Ich seh, Ich seh (2014) DVDrip

Sinopsis: Es pleno verano, y dos hermanos gemelos esperan pacientemente a que su madre regrese a casa tras una operación de cirugía plástica. Esta llega con la cara completamente vendada y mostrándose fría, distante y obsesiva. El cambio en su p...
by on Jul 31, 2015

Hier habt Ihr es Schwarz auf Weiß: die Trendkombination 2015 ist Black & White

Warum die Kombination von Schwarz und Weiß unser liebstes Farb-Duo der Stunde ist, verraten wir dir in diesem Artikel.
by Shoe Stories - der Schuhblog on Jul 28, 2015

This Fully Jointed Steiff Rabbit Is One Cheerful Earful!

"Will you be my honey bunny?" Well, when it comes to Steiff's rabbits, it's hard to decline that request! Check out this delightful and very vintage Steiff bunny that just recently hopped into Steiffgal's hug this summer. It's all but certain you w...
by My Steiff LIfe on Jul 23, 2015

Well, Hello Dally!

Well, hello Dally!  Steiff recently had the pleasure of attending the annual April Sturbridge Doll, Toy, Bear & Holiday Show in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.  And besides a few wonderful old friends, look what else she just happened to run...
by My Steiff LIfe on May 2, 2015

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