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Eoin Colfer is chosen as the first author for Doctor Who's anniversary stories!

Just a few days ago, it was announced that there would be 11 all new stories written for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. Eleven childrens' authors, presumably that have had a significant impact on the United Kingdom, would be chosen to write thes...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jan 10, 2013

Book Review: Flash Gordon: The Tyrant of Mongo by Alex Raymond and Don Moore

About: Flash Gordon: The Tyrant of Mongo: The Complete Flash Gordon Library 1937–1941 by Alex Raymond and Don Moore is a coffee table book featuring Sunday strips of the famous hero. This hard cover book collects 4 years of comic strip to bring an...
by Man of la Book - Book Reviews on Dec 18, 2012

BBC releases another Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer! [video]

As though fans weren't excited enough for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special title "The Snowmen", they now have yet another reason to yell out in joy. The BBC has released a new trailer for the episode and it features a lot of great footage. I...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 12, 2012

Watch more Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay footage with more unique powers! [video]

More gameplay footage has surfaced from Angry Birds Star Wars and fans can now get a look at four more characters; Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO. Just like in the first gameplay footage seen featuring Bird Luke Skywalker and Bird Princess Lei...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Nov 3, 2012

O Confronto BRRip XviD Dublado

Em O Confronto não existe um só universo, existem muitos. Foi criada uma tecnologia para viajar através destes universos, mas a viagem é muito restrita e controlada. Da mesma forma existem várias versões de cada pessoa, cada uma habitando no te...
by LR Filmes on Oct 26, 2012

Fringe; neue Staffel dank Lakritz

Die SciFi-Serie Fringe litt gegen Ende der 3. Staffel, akut an Zuschauerschwund, was zu einer bemerkenswerten Aktion führte. Joshua (Josh) Jackson, Darsteller der US-Serie, rief alle US-Fans auf Fringe auf jeden Fall live zu schauen und RedVines (Wa...
by on Aug 24, 2012

Star Wars cast re-imagined as 1980s high schoolers!

Deviant Artist Denis Medri has delivered another amazing set of drawings. You may remember his art from the Steampunk Spider-Man or the Rockabilly Batman sets that he drew. His newest set of photos features the cast of Star Wars re-imagined as t...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Aug 15, 2012

Planeta dos Macacos: A Origem BRRip 480p XviD Dual Áudio

>>> Sinopse <<<Planeta dos Macacos: A Origem combina uma narrativa fantástica com o próximo salto da tecnologia de efeitos visuais, obtendo como resultado um filme com uma textura de ação e emoção inédita. A arrogância do Ho...
by LR Filmes on Aug 7, 2012

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