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Jay Baruchel Joins Forces With Captain Canuck On Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Jay Baruchel joins forces with Captain Canuck on Free Comic Book Day 2017! (CNW Group/Chapterhouse Publishing)Jay Baruchel (Goon, Goon-Last of the Enforcers, This is the End, Man Seeking Woman, How to Train Your Dragon) joins the Captain Ca...
by on Dec 19, 2016

Rogue One: The Latest Star Wars Film Fuels Resistance And Protest

It’s all happening. © 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.By Oli Mould, Royal Holloway This year, by most accounts, has been tumultuous. Notwithstanding the rise of far-right extremism, “Brexitrump” and the horrors of Aleppo, there have been strikes...
by on Dec 16, 2016

Westworld’s Final Twist was the Best Yet

Last Sunday’s season finale of Westworld on HBO served as a near perfect end to what has been one of my favorite shows on television in years. As I predicted last week, Ford’s new narrative was the finale’s ultimate focus, but the twist at the...

What Game is Ford Playing on Westworld?

With one episode to go, a few mysteries still remain on HBO’s Westworld, even though two of the biggest appear to have been solved last Sunday. One remaining mystery concerns the new narrative Ford has been obsessing about since episode 2. This beg...

Mari Evers / Eyrder, tome 1 : Le corbeau et le loup

Quelques infos sur le livre : Le corbeau et le loup Auteur : Mari Evers Serie : Eyrder Genres : Fantastique / SF / Homoromance Editeur : MOR Collection :  [...] Cet article Mari Evers / Eyrder, tome 1 : Le corbeau et le loup est apparu en prem...
by The Reading List of Ninie on Aug 30, 2016

Black Widow de Margaret Stohl

⭐ Black Widow, Forever Red de Margaret Stohl Nombre de pages : 300 pages Editeur : Hachette Romans Collection : Films/Séries TV Date de sortie : 8 juin 2016 Langue : Français ISBN-10 : 2012205704 ISBN-13 : 978-2012205703 Prix : environ 16€ D...
by Songe d'une nuit d'été on Aug 28, 2016

4 Fantasy Series (That Aren’t All YA) For YA Fans

Four fantasy series -- some YA and some not -- with big appeal to YA readers looking for something good to read.
by Book Riot on Aug 27, 2016

A Celebration of Fungoid Fiction

On weird fiction and it's even more specific sub-sub-genre: fungoid fiction.
by Book Riot on Aug 26, 2016

Barbara Canepa & Alessandro Barbucci / Sky Doll, tome 4 : Sudra

Quelques infos sur le livre : Sky Doll, tome 4 : Sudra Auteur : Alessandro Barbucci et Barbara Canepa Serie : Sky Doll Genres : Science-Fiction Editeur [...] Cet article Barbara Canepa & Alessandro Barbucci / Sky Doll, tome 4 : Sudra est apparu...
by The Reading List of Ninie on Aug 23, 2016

A Star Trek Actor's Tragic Death Sparks Legal Action

An Untimely Loss The tragic death of actor Anton Yelchin recently has generated widespread publicity. The young star's loss focused extensive media attention on problems associated with electronic gear shift safety issues. The acclaimed film star pe...
by on Aug 20, 2016

Kelly Sue DeConnick / Bitch Planet, Tome 1 : Extraordinary Machine

Quelques infos sur le livre :  Bitch Planet, Extraordinary Machine Auteur : Kelly Sue DeConnick (scénariste) et Valentine De Landro (dessinateur) Serie : Bitch Planet Genres [...] Cet article Kelly Sue DeConnick / Bitch Planet, Tome 1 : Extraordin...
by The Reading List of Ninie on Aug 18, 2016

Charlie Jane Anders: All the Birds in the Sky (Book Review)

In her 2016 novel, All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders explores relationships between humans, nature, and machines, along with the allegiances and deceptions dotting their radar screens. Toward unwrapping the narrative candies hidden within...

Interview with Yours Truly

Rachel Cordasco of the website Speculative Fiction in Translation, interviewed me about my translation of Japanese author Yusaku Kitano’s science fiction masterpiece, Mr. Turtle. Click the cover below to read!

Face Value- A Short Story on Kindle

by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Aug 13, 2016

China Miéville: This Census-Taker (Book Review)

China Miéville may be a pioneer among writers of the New Weird, but his latest, This Census-Taker, recasts the genre as more of the Old Familiar. Miéville’s oddities, intricate as they are, would be nothing without their consensus origins, and t...

Who Are Spider-Man’s Greatest Opponents?

In the realm of superhero comics, it’s probably fair to say that no hero has a more recognizable lineup of opposing villains than Batman. The Joker, Riddler, and Penguin are all household names for anyone even the vaguest interest in popular fictio...
by on Aug 10, 2016

The flying hotel : the new concept makes possible to land in remote places

One of the projects submitted in the contest “Radical Innovation Award 2016 ‘in the US, a hotel flying shaped pods, which offers a view of 360 degrees and can land in inaccessible places can offer accommodation in the price of hiring a lu...
by We care about your travel on Aug 6, 2016

Star Trek's Version Of Time Travel Is More Realistic Than Most Sci-Fi

© Paramount PicturesBy Lloyd Strickland, Manchester Metropolitan University Star Trek Beyond may not have received a stellar critical response, but it can be said that it – and the franchise’s two previous films – handle the philosophy...
by on Jul 29, 2016

3 Urban Fantasy Series Netflix Should Adapt Next

There's magic, mythology, and murder in these YA series we'd love to see as Netflix adaptations.
by Book Riot on Jul 27, 2016

Review - The Martian by Andy Weir

Crown Publishers | 289 pages | 2014 I picked up this ebook because I heard so many good things about the movie (Matt Damon is staring in it, so it must be good) and the book won the Goodreads best Si-Fi novel in 2014. You can't go wrong with t...
by Livres et Biscuits on Jul 27, 2016

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