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Follow Your Head :: An Easy Tip for Maintaining Good Buoyancy and Swimming Position

Thanks to Natalie Gibb When I was learning to drive a motorcycle, I had the tendency to jerk the bike's handlebars to the left or the right when maneuvering around a turn. I had trouble turning because I tried to separate the motion of the handlebar...
by scubascoop on Mar 29, 2013

Website goes virtual so divers can go deep

When Greg Davis’ father relocated to North Carolina, he lost his dive buddy. Now he has a dive buddy almost anywhere he wants to dive, thanks to, a website he acquired in 2006. While dive shops often post names of people looking for...
by scubascoop on Dec 12, 2012

6 Things to Leave at Home on Your Next Dive Trip

Scale-tipping gear bags don’t have to be your fate as a dive traveler. Stroll onto the dive boat with less stress and a lighter load with this list of our six favorite things to leave behind. » Scuba Gear Depending on the situation — for exampl...
by scubascoop on Dec 6, 2012

Risk Factors for Dive Deaths

How older women differ from younger men in dive problems Among divers, the three top risk factors for diving deaths are running out of air, buoyancy problems and rapid ascents - - and often times, these factors can happen concurrently. But what’s...
by scubascoop on Jun 30, 2012

And so... Back to Normal

Today I was back to the more usual guiding and back to eighteen metre or more dives. We left from Travco Jetty this morning, and headed straight for Ras Katy, the dive site that also happens to be at the bottom of our garden. I know... we are very...
by DiveBunnie on May 10, 2012

Zale Perry

Zale Parry is an American pioneer scuba diver, underwater photographer and actress. She lives in Tillamook, Oregon. Zale started diving in the 1940s as a young girl. She was raised on a Wisconsin lake and learned to swim and love the water at an ea...
by scubascoop on Apr 14, 2012

Mystery photo reveals story of sponge-diving movie star

Portrait of sponge diver John M. Gonatos (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)The debonair diver strikes a Hollywood pose in his patched canvas wetsuit, hands resting on either knee, head cocked, with a cigarette dangling from his lip...
by scubascoop on Feb 8, 2012

Welcome to Sailing Thailand INFO Forum

Sailing Thailand INFO Forum Hello everybody, welcome to our new Sailing Thailand INFO platform for sailors, holiday sailors, scuba divers and marine enthusiasts who are planing to or did sail the waters of Thailand. Indeed, we have here one of the mo...
by Sailing Thailand Info Forum on Apr 25, 2008

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