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Need a New Dream? Here’s 12 Questions to Help You Find One

Ever since I wrote a book about starting again after a broken dream, I've found myself answering lots of questions about them. 'How can you turn a broken dream into a new beginning?' 'When should you let a dream die?' And this one especially: 'What i...
by Sheridan Voysey on Jul 26, 2016

Why don’t I write a self-help book?

I’m 38, I live in Hungary, and I like to write. As a profession, I’m a coach and trainer–a person believing in personal growth and self-improvement. I was flattered when friends told me that my writing is good and that sharing my experiences wo...
by ORZOLA on Jul 8, 2016

Don’t be an arrogant jerk face. Ahem. [Quotes to ponder]

For today’s post, I share a group of tweets from a local pastor – Jason Malone. Find him on twitter: …Continue reading →...
by Enough Light on May 19, 2016

Book Review: Beyond Therapy - Igniting Life Focus Community Movements

DESCRIPTION:In "Beyond Therapy", Erving Polster examines the role of “life focus"in three of society’s most familiar activities: ordinary conversation, the arts, and religion. He shows the life focus movement to be an indivisible complement to ju...
by Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts on Apr 29, 2016

063 The Day I Interviewed Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen

Fans adore Joel Osteen’s positive-thinking sermons. Critics say he’s more self-help guru than gospel preacher. When I sat down with Joel at the 2009 Hillsong Conference, I met a meticulously styled man with a friendly smile and courteous spirit.
by Sheridan Voysey on Apr 5, 2016

The Amazing Stockpiling Challenge Discount

The Amazing Stockpiling Challenge contains everything you need to survive the food crisis; all the tips are provided completely. Waste no time and buy the guide now.
by Discount Signals on Mar 30, 2016

Chakra Activation System Discount

Your chakras play an important role in your life such as spiritual connection, finance, self-esteem, etc. In simple words, Chakra Activation System will guide you to control your chakras.
by Discount Signals on Mar 15, 2016

Listen to your Body

Does your reality often get in the way of your creativity? I am certain every creative sprite wishes they had more time. More time to write, to pick out beads, to carve, to crochet. To practice the piano or the guitar. And perhaps that desire to R...
by Humoring The Goddess on Dec 3, 2015

Alive After the Fall Discount

Alive After the Fall is a new revolutionary survival system with a strong emphasis to make you prepare for the main problems of death in any crisis, especially when the Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP strikes. {Continue Reading...}...
by Discount Sphere on Nov 1, 2015

Žene u vezama / bez veze i ponešto o majčinstvu

Dragi moji, Sve što navodim na temu psihologije i odnosa isključivo su zaključci doneseni na temelju vlastite opservacije. Po struci nisam psiholog, tako da stručnu literaturu po pitanju te sfere morate potražiti stranicama predodređenim za to.
by inspirativka on Sep 2, 2015

Doorway to Destiny Discount

Doorway to Destiny is a product that everyone will love because from now on, we can have the tips and tricks to have a prosperous, joyous, healthy, free, and rich life and it is guaranteed to be successful {Continue Reading...}...
by Discount Sphere on Aug 28, 2015

Master Code System Discount

Master Code System is fully designed according to an objective research and real life observation which is able to cut through the magical thinking behind Law of Attraction that would assist you to manifest every single thing you want. {Continue Read...
by Discount Sphere on Aug 20, 2015

Comfort or Stretch?

Comfort or Stretch? It’s easy to go through life just drifting along, going through the motions. Passing through your days with little thought about what you’re saying or doing or where you are heading. Maybe you have something you have been want...

Discovering the It Factor Within You Book Tour: Excerpt and Giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash

Have you ever wondered why two people with the same humble background and similar education have dramatically different results with their careers and lives? The answer is “The It Factor.”Leesa Rowland's new release, Discovering the It Factor Wi...
by Susan Heim on Writing on Aug 11, 2015

7 Surefire Things You Can Do To Live A Happier Life

Whatever we are doing in our lives, the intention in our mind is to get ourselves comfortable, relaxed and happy at the end of the day. However our routine work and busy schedules make it difficult for us to achieve these goals of happy life, that al...
by Exploring the Unexplored on May 21, 2015

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